Looking for all Passcode locations in Stellar Blade? Passcodes can typically be obtained by scanning bodies around the world of Shift Up's apocalyptic world, but sometimes you'll need to kill robots or read documents, too. You can then enter these Passcodes into door panels or chests to open them. On this page, as part of our Stellar Blade guide, we're going to reveal all Passcode locations. You can also find more information on all Passcode Specialists locations and all Ark's Puzzle locations through the links.

Where Are All Passcode Locations in Stellar Blade?

Stellar Blade: All Passcodes Locations 1
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There are numerous Passcodes to discover in Stellar Blade, but we've largely focused on the ones which are logged in the Data Bank. In each instance, we've listed the location of the Passcode and where you need to use it. All of the locations are listed below, as divided by location:

All Eidos 7 Passcode Locations

All Xion Passcode Locations

All Wasteland Passcode Locations

All Altess Levoire Passcode Locations

All Matrix 11 Passcode Locations

All Great Desert Passcode Locations

All Spire 4 Passcode Locations

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