Looking for all Passcode Specialists locations in Stellar Blade? Collecting any of the Chapter of Trial documents will prompt a new Bulletin Board request to appear, requesting you open a container aboard a ship in the Wasteland. First, you'll need to learn the Passcode, however. On this page, as part of our Stellar Blade guide, we're going to reveal all Passcode Specialists locations. You can also find all Ark's Puzzle locations through the link.

Where Are All Passcode Specialists Locations in Stellar Blade?

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You'll unlock the Recruit Passcode Specialists mission on the Bulletin Board when you've found any of the following six Chapter of Trial documents. Please note, following this quest will strengthen your bond with Lily and thus could have an impact on the ending you unlock, so pay attention to our All Endings and How to Get Them guide for more information on that.

Chapter of Trial 1

You'll find Chapter of Trial 1 in the upper part of the Hideout in Matrix 11, in a small box on the table surrounded by candles and other religious paraphernalia. If you missed this during the main story, travel to the Rail Yard and then follow the story path back to the Hideout.

Chapter of Trial 2

In the north-eastern part of the Great Desert, you'll find a collapsed building. Climb up to its second floor and you'll find a small shrine with the Chapter of Trial 2 inside.

Chapter of Trial 3

On the ground floor of a destroyed building, just to the east of the South of Buried Ruins in the Great Desert, you'll find a small shrine behind a wall, with the Chapter of Trial 3 document on the table.

Chapter of Trial 4

Travel down the Hypertube in the Great Desert, which is on the western side of the map. You'll fall into a pool of water on the eastern side of the sandbox, just above the Buried Ruins Outskirt. Take the right out of the water and you'll find a shrine with the Chapter of Trial 4 document inside.

Chapter of Trial 5

Chapter of Trial 5 is hidden in an alcove shrine, just east of the Western Great Canyon in the Wasteland.

Chapter of Trial 6

In the Wasteland, travel east from the Altess Levoire Entrance, and you'll find an alcove within the canyon wall with a small shrine inside. It's here you'll find Chapter of Trial 6.

How Do You Open the Container to Recruit the Passcode Specialists in Stellar Blade?

Once you've got all six Chapter of Trial documents, track the Recruit Passcode Specialists quest and follow it to the cargo ship in the west of the Wasteland. As revealed by the documents, the Passcode for the container is βθαλδζ, but you can jog your memory by referring to Data Bank > Document > Prayer if needs be.

Inside the container you'll find a red box with the La Vie En Rose outfit inside, as well as the concluding Chapter of Salvation document. You can now turn in the quest at the Bulletin Board to wrap up this mission.

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