How do you earn Capitale in Red Dead Online? Capitale is a new type of currency introduced as part of the Blood Money update. As explained by Guido Martelli, the currency is used in criminal transactions, but has been falling into the hands of various outlaws and losing its value as a result. Martelli is eager for you to gather up Capitale, which you can then exchange for Opportunities: multifaceted missions with high-value targets like How to Steal the Covington Emerald, How to Steal the Ember of the East, and How to Steal Il Sovrano. As part of our Red Dead Online guide, we're going to explain how to earn Capitale.

Red Dead Online: How to Earn Capitale

Red Dead Online: How to Earn Capitale Guide 1

Before you can learn how to earn Capitale in Red Dead Online, you'll first need to open a letter from Guido Martelli in your Satchel. He'll tell you to meet him at Saint Denis, and a mission marker will be added to your map utilising the new Blood Money icon. This is, effectively, a tear drop with a dollar sign symbol inside it. Travel to the location and watch the cut-scene, where Guido Martelli will talk about the troubles he's having with both Capitale and a particularly problematic Lemoyne senator.

Red Dead Online: How to Earn Capitale Guide 2

This will open up Guido Martelli's ring, all of whom will issue you with Blood Money Crimes. Many of these are Strangers who you may have already met, but if you haven't then you may need to complete introductory Free Roam missions to earn their trust. Any characters who can issue Blood Money missions will be marked by the same teardrop and dollar sign icon as before on your map, and they are as follows:

  • Anthony Foreman
  • James Langton
  • Sean Maguire
  • Joe
Red Dead Online: How to Earn Capitale Guide 3

Crimes are short, outlaw-themed missions that can be completed for Gold and Money. Some of these are simple, one-off objectives while others, like the Saloon Contract, have a short story attached and span a trio of different tasks. It's worth noting that you will not earn Capitale for completing these missions, as it's a little more challenging to track down than that.

Loot Capitale from Crimes

Red Dead Online: How to Earn Capitale Guide 4

During all Crimes missions, be sure to loot the bodies of any outlaws you kill along the way. If you're lucky, some of them will be carrying Capitale on their persons, adding to your growing pool of the underground currency. You'll also stumble upon Lockboxes close to mission markers if you're paying attention, which will reward you with Capitale when looted.

Mission timers are quite generous for Crimes, and you'll actually make more Gold (See Also: How to Earn Gold) and Money the longer you take to complete them, so be sure to spend as much time as possible looting bodies and searching for lockboxes in order to boost your overall Capitale income.

Buy Capitale from Fences

Red Dead Online: How to Earn Capitale Guide 5

After speaking with Guido Martelli, you can head to the Fence in Saint Denis to purchase Capitale at a rate of 10 Capitale for 3 Gold. You can also purchase the Hired Gun Kit from the same Fence at a cost of 5 Gold, which includes the Fierro Bandana, 10 Capitale, and a variety of different resources, including Gun Oil and Tonics.

It's also worth mentioning that the Quick Draw Club includes 10 Capitale, although due to the time-limited nature of this Battle Pass-style reward system, we can't guarantee its availability at the time of you reading this article. We'd recommend you check the contents of the latest Quick Draw Club in order to make an informed decision before buying in.

Red Dead Online: How to Spend Capitale

Red Dead Online: How to Earn Capitale Guide 6

You can hold up to 50 Capitale at once, and you'll find it in the Valuables section of your Satchel's inventory. Capitale is spent on Opportunities, like How to Steal Il Sovrano, which are multi-layered missions with various completion strategies. You can find Opportunities by visiting a Blood Money vendor and toggling between Crimes and Opportunities using the L1 and R1 buttons.

Red Dead Online: How to Earn Capitale Guide 7

Launching an Opportunity on a higher difficulty will increase the initial required Capitale stake, and will also reduce the number of lives you have available and the overall difficulty of the mission. We'd recommend you start on Standard difficulty to get a feel for the mission and the ways that it can be approached, before ramping it up and replaying on a higher difficulty setting.

How do you earn Capitale in RDR 2 Online? Have a browse of our Red Dead Online guide, and let us know in the comments section below.