How do you earn Gold in Red Dead Online? Gold is a secondary currency in Rockstar's online Wild West sandbox, which can be used to purchase Roles and also items you may not be able to afford with Money. As it's required to unlock some of the better content in the game, you're going to want to know how to earn Gold. As part of our Red Dead Online guide, we're going to reveal the secret to accumulating this currency. For more information on How to Earn Money and How to Earn Capitale, click the links.

Red Dead Online: How to Earn Gold

Red Dead Online: How to Earn Gold Guide 1

Gold is arguably the most important currency in Red Dead Online, because it's used to purchase Roles which are among the most entertaining activities in the game. As such, you'll need to learn how to earn Gold if you're planning to make meaningful progress in Rockstar's historical open world. Fortunately, you'll earn small amounts of Gold for practically everything you do in the game.

Complete Daily Challenges and Build a Streak

Red Dead Online: How to Earn Gold Guide 2

Perhaps the most important method of accruing Gold in Red Dead Online is to pay attention to your Daily Challenges. If you complete a Daily Challenge, then you'll earn 0.10 Gold, which doesn't sound much in isolation, but quickly adds up. The key strategy here is to build a streak. If you complete at least one Daily Challenge every day for X days, then your income will be multiplied, allowing you to earn 0.25 Gold per Daily Challenge. Once you start to add in the game's various Roles, you can really start to maximise your Gold income simply by playing every day.

In order to see your Daily Challenges, simply tap right on the d-pad while you're in Free Roam. Select Daily Challenges and browse your various objectives for the day. The most important thing is that you complete at least one every day to keep your streak alive. Once you've got your multiplier, then you can very quickly amass a lot of Gold.

Pay Attention to Promotions

Red Dead Online: How to Earn Gold Guide 3

As is the case with the GTA Online Weekly Update, Rockstar also releases weekly incentives and bonuses for playing Red Dead Online. These are revealed on the Rockstar Newswire every Tuesday, and often include multipliers to both Money and Gold. Knowing which modes and activities are currently being promoted can be a great way to earn additional Gold, as sometimes the publisher will triple the typical income on select playlists.

Use Your Treasure Maps

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As you progress through Red Dead Online, you'll discover Treasure Maps, either by looting bodies, levelling up, or as rewards for engaging in various in-game activities. As you'd expect, solving the mystery of these Treasure Maps will reward you Money and Gold, in addition to various in-game items. In order to launch a Treasure Map mission, simply open your Satchel by holding right on the d-pad, and then toggle to Documents using the L1 and R1 buttons. Read the Treasure Map, and a quest marker will be placed on your map.

You'll need to search within the radius of the quest marker to locate the treasure. You can use Eagle Eye by pushing the L3 and R3 buttons simultaneously to help with your search. Alternatively, there are a number of excellent interactive maps you can find online which will help you to pinpoint the location of any treasure without you needing to manually look for it.

Become a Bounty Hunter

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Of all the Roles in Red Dead Online, the Bounty Hunter is the best for earning Gold. These missions are relatively short and simple to complete, but unlike other Roles in the game reward you with a small amount of the lucrative currency. One thing to note about Red Dead Online, and this applies to Strangers as well, is that the longer you take to complete a mission, the more pay you'll amass. This means you should always wait until towards the very end of the timer to turn-in the quest. It's worth noting that becoming a Bounty Hunter requires a 15 Gold pay-in, so if you're just starting out in the game then it may be best to focus on standard Stranger missions until you can afford to purchase the Bounty Hunter role.

Play the Competitive Multiplayer Modes

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Spending time in Free Roam, completing Daily Objectives and Roles missions, is obviously a huge part of Red Dead Online's experience. However, if you want to earn Gold then don't ignore the competitive multiplayer modes either. Spending time playing Deathmatches or Races can earn you a lot of Gold and Money in a relatively short span of time.

This is particularly beneficial if Rockstar is promoting a particular Playlist or mode, as mentioned earlier in the article. For example, if there are double rewards on the Shooter Series, then you can make a lot of Gold in an extremely short span of time. Sharpen up your skills and help your team to win, and you'll make even more Gold for participating, but even being on the losing team can pay decent dividends.

How do you earn Gold in RDR 2 Online? Take a look at our Red Dead Online guide, and let us know in the comments section below.