How do you steal Il Sovrano in Red Dead Online? Part of the Blood Money update, Il Sovrano is a precious yellow gemstone, located in Rhodes as it enjoys a brief layover on the way to the Capital Fair. The elite are discussing who should take care of the stone, and it's up to you to track down its location and pilfer it for Guido Martelli. As part of our Red Dead Online guide, we're going to explain how to steal Il Sovrano. You can also find out How to Steal the Ember of the East and How to Steal the Covington Emerald.

Red Dead Online: How to Steal Il Sovrano

Red Dead Online: How to Steal Il Sovrano Guide 2

Before you can learn how to steal Il Sovrano in Red Dead Online, you'll need to have enough Capitale to start the mission. If you need more of Guido Martelli's underground currency, you can find out How to Earn Capitale through the link. The Il Sovrano Blood Money Opportunity costs as follows:

  • Standard: 15 Capitale
  • Hard: 20 Capitale
  • Ruthless: 25 Capitale

You can start the mission by interacting with any of the Blood Money quest givers, so keep an eye out for the locations of Sean Macguire, James Langton, Joe, and Anthony Foreman on your map. Once you're ready to begin the mission, a short cut-scene will play setting up the Il Sovrano Blood Money Opportunity, and you'll begin just outside Rhodes.


Red Dead Online: How to Steal Il Sovrano Guide 3

There are a number of ways you can steal Il Sovrano, but the easiest method is to utilise stealth. If you want to, you can set fire to a barn, which will draw the locals out of the nearby saloon. Alternatively, you can head inside and listen to the conversation unfolding upstairs.

Red Dead Online: How to Steal Il Sovrano Guide 4

Take a seat at a table and pay close attention to the chatter on the balcony. The monied elite are arguing over who should look after Il Sovrano during its brief layover in Rhodes, and it turns out one local is already protecting it just outside the town.

Red Dead Online: How to Steal Il Sovrano Guide 5

The target is a fidgety fella, and will routinely get up from his chair to smoke on the balcony, drink at the bar, or head to the outhouse to take a leak. Wait until he goes outside to the toilet and use your knife to stab him. Be careful because he does have a body guard who follows him around, and you'll need to eliminate him as well in order to go undetected. Be sure to loot the target for the letter which reveals Il Sovrano's location.

Steal the Wagon

Red Dead Online: How to Steal Il Sovrano Guide 6

Once you've looted the letter, a waypoint will appear on your minimap depicting a wagon's location. Il Sovrano is on the wagon, so you just need to hijack it to pilfer the stone. If you've avoided detection up until this point, then it'll be stationary outside a barn. Just shoot the guards protecting it and transport it to the drop off.

Red Dead Online: How to Steal Il Sovrano Guide 7

If, however, you were spotted eliminating the target at the saloon, then the wagon will be on the move. Chase it down and hijack it to take control of it. You may find, if you're Wanted, that you'll be pursued by bandits and lawmakers. Try to outrun any potential pursuers, using Tonics if you need them to fortify your health. Once you reach the drop-off point, you'll be rewarded by Guido Martelli for stealing Il Sovrano.

How did you steal Il Sovrano in RDR2 Online? Let us know in the comments section below, and be sure to check out our Red Dead Online guide for more information.