The Kulrut is a Main Quest in Horizon Forbidden West and automatically follows The Broken Sky. As part of our Horizon Forbidden West guide, we're going to explain everything you need to know about The Kulrut.

The Kulrut: Overview

Horizon Forbidden West: The Kulrut Guide 1
The Kulrut will begin immediately after you complete The Broken Sky.
Type Description Recommended Level
Main Quest With the Sky Clan's challengers on their way, the Kulrut is ready to begin. To claim AETHER, Aloy must ensure the competition succeeds. 18
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The Kulrut: Walkthrough

Head back to the Memorial Grove and pass through the throne room into the arena. Chief Hekkaro will give you instruction, and you'll have an opportunity to prepare before the battle begins. Make sure you've upgraded your weapons, crafted potions, and replenished your stocks of ammo. Then head to the northern side of the arena and climb the yellow ladder to speak to Dekka.

For the first phase of the battle, Dekka will give you a machine's weapon loaded with ammo, which you can use to pick off the attacking enemies charging on the Memorial Grove. Aim for weak spots and you shouldn't have too much trouble. You'll then need to deal with a Slitherfang inside the arena. These are weak to Fire and Frost damage, but your best bet is to lure the Slitherfang away from the overlooking turret, and let the Tenakth shoot at it. Keep the Slitherfang's attention, and target weak spots, and you should be able to bring it down fairly promptly.

Once the Slitherfang has been defeated, head up the ramp to rescue Chief Hekkaro, and after a short conversation, he'll grant you access to AETHER. Interact with the console, climb down the ladder, and then collect the AI. Spend a moment with your allies back in the throne room, and then return to The Base.

At The Base, you can catch up with the likes of Erend and Varl, who'll tell you what they've been up to while you've been away. Once you're done, speak to GAIA to complete the quest and pick up your next mission.

Objective Log

  • Go to the Memorial Grove
  • Talk to Hekarro
  • Go to the North Barricade
  • Talk to Dekka
  • Kill the Machines
  • Kill the Slitherfang
  • Find Hekarro
  • Recover AETHER
  • Talk to Dekka
  • Deliver AETHER to GAIA

The Kulrut: Side Quests and Errands

The Kulrut: Text Datapoints Obtained

  • WTH Perkins???
  • Outdoor Exhibits
  • De La Hoya Exhibit

The Kulrut: Outfits Obtained

  • Tenakth Marshal: A Marshal must be adept at survival in the wilds, as well as turning the weapons of machines against them. This armour helps with both.

The Kulrut: Rewards

  • 9,000 XP
  • 2 Skill Points

The Kulrut: Notes

Completing The Kulrut unlocks the Recovered AETHER Trophy.

Did you follow this walkthrough for The Kulrut? For more information on Horizon Forbidden West, including All Quests, refer to our Horizon Forbidden West guide through the link.