A Soldier's March is a Side Quest in Horizon Forbidden West issued by Jekkah in The Bulwark after completing The Broken Sky. You'll likely discover it during The Kulrut. As part of our Horizon Forbidden West guide, we're going to explain everything you need to know about A Soldier's March.

A Soldier's March: Overview

Horizon Forbidden West: A Soldier's March Guide 1
Jekkah in the Bulwark will issue you with A Soldier's March, but only after you've finished The Broken Sky.
Type Description Recommended Level
Side Quest Penttoh seeks to prove his mettle by completing a trial known as the March of the Ten, but the brutal challenge may be too much for him. 18

A Soldier's March: Walkthrough

The start of The Climb is to the west of The Bulwark. You're going to be dealing with difficult weather conditions in this quest, so remember to use your Focus with R3 and keep an eye out for painted walls and signposts that signify The Climb. Once you've made it a short way up the route, you'll encounter a camp, where Wekatta will tell you that there are two missing participants, including Penttoh.

Use your Focus to highlight any handholds and navigate The Climb. The first participant you find will be in a fighter with a Stalker, which you can bring down using Shock elements. Keep climbing in search of Penttoh (you can highlight his tracks using the Focus). At one point you'll need to use your Shieldwing to glide from one side of the mountain to the other.

When you find Penttoh, he'll be fighting Leaplashers, which you should be familiar with by now. Take them out and then climb alongside him. You'll need to split up at one point in order to push down a tree to create a makeshift bridge. Then once you reach the summit you'll fight a Frostclaw, which is particularly susceptible to Fire and Shock damage. Climb a little further to finish the arc, then Shieldwing your way back to Wekatta to complete the side quest.

Objective Log

  • Go to the Start of the Climb
  • Climb up the Cliff
  • Talk to Wekatta
  • Find the Tenakth Climbers
  • Kill the Machine
  • Talk to the Tenakth Climber
  • Climb the Mountain
  • Scan for Penttoh's Tracks
  • Follow the Tracks
  • Climb the Mountain
  • Kill the Machines
  • Talk to Penttoh
  • Climb the Mountain
  • Kill the Frostclaw
  • Follow Penttoh
  • Talk to Penttoh
  • Return to Wekatta

A Soldier's March: Text Datapoints Obtained

  • Log: Cpt. Sueiro (B)
  • Log: Cpt. Sueiro (C)
  • Not Bad I Guess

A Soldier's March: Rewards

  • 4,500 XP
  • 2 Skill Points
  • 1 Tenakth Tactician

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