First to Fly is an Errand in Horizon Forbidden West found north of The Bulwark and issued by Serriva. You'll likely discover it during The Kulrut after The Broken Sky. As part of our Horizon Forbidden West guide, we're going to explain everything you need to know about First to Fly.

First to Fly: Overview

Horizon Forbidden West: First to Fly Guide 1
Speak to Serriva at The Bulwark to start First to Fly.
Type Description Recommended Level
Errand A Sky Clan soldier, Ferikka, was carried off by a Stormbird and crashed on a mountaintop. Her armour is still up there, inaccessible to even the best climbers. 32

First to Fly: Walkthrough

You won't be able to progress with First to Fly until you've completed The Wings of the Ten. If you've finished that quest then head north of Stone Crest, override a Sunwing, and fly to the top of the mountain. Pick up Ferikka's Breastplate and then fight the Stormbird. The best approach is to try to ground it and then attack it with Critical Hits. Collect all four of Ferrika's Armour pieces, and then return to Kettah and Serivva at The Bulwark. Crafting the Tenakth Sky Climber outfit will complete the side quest.

Ferikka's Armour: Where Is It?

In order to complete First to Fly, you'll need to collect four pieces of Ferikka's Armour. You'll find them all where you fought the Stormbird, and can use your Focus with R3 for additional help.

Ferikka's Breastplate
In the middle of the search area.
Ferikka's Bracers
Loot from the Stormbird.
Ferikka's Greaves
Overlooking the cliff edge, on the western side of the search area.
Ferikka's Mask
On a large rock, slightly north of the Ferikka's Greaves.

Objective Log

  • Fly to the Mountaintop
  • Kill the Stormbird
  • Recover Ferikka's Armour
  • Return to Kettah and Serivva
  • Repair Ferikka's Armour

First to Fly: Special Gear Obtained

Horizon Forbidden West: First to Fly Guide 10
Tenakth Sky Climber
The reassembled armour of the first Tenakth to take flight, granting increased concentration and consumable potency

First to Fly: Rewards

  • 6,500 XP
  • 1 Skill Points

First to Fly: Notes

Completing First to Fly contributes towards the Completed 2 Flying Mount Quests Trophy.

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