Looking for how to get Stellar Jade in Honkai: Star Rail? Stellar Jade is one of many currencies in HoYoverse's spacefaring affair, but it's arguably the most important, as it's used to purchase Star Rail Special Passes. On this page, as part of our Honkai: Star Rail guide, we're going to explain how to get Stellar Jade.

How Do You Get Stellar Jade in Honkai: Star Rail?

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Despite its importance to Honkai: Star Rail's reward loop and overall economy, Stellar Jade is one of the more common currencies you'll accrue as you play through the game and complete quests. The problem is you'll need a lot of it to be able to reinvest in Star Rail Special Passes, so we're going to share some tips involving how to get Stellar Jade on this page.

Purchase Oneiric Shards with Real Money

The easiest, most straightforward way to earn Stellar Jade is to purchase Oneiric Shards with real money. These can be converted 1:1 to Stellar Jade, and the only effort required is inputting your credit card details. If you want to maximise value for money, you can consider purchasing the Express Supply Pass, which grants you with an immediate injection of 300 Oneiric Shards and 90 Stellar Jade for each day you login over a 30-day period, or alternatively you can buy denominations of Oneiric Shards from the in-game store. You'll get some bonuses for your first purchases, doubling your income overall.

Complete Story Quests

Simply focusing on Honkai: Star Rail's story missions will reward you with a lot of Stellar Jade, as you'll typically earn denominations of the all-important currency for completing main quests. Remember to read tutorials as you unlock them for additional income, and open any treasure chests you find on the critical path, as these will often include Stellar Jade inside as well.

Increase Your Trailblazer Rank

As you progress through Honkai: Star Rail, you'll complete tasks which will earn Trailblazer EXP and increase your Trailblazer Rank. Each time you level up, you'll be able to return to Pom-Pom aboard the Astral Express and earn rewards. While not every level includes Stellar Jade, many do, so this can represent a great way of increasing your income of this all-important currency.

Pay Close Attention to Events

Events are time limited promotional periods in Honkai: Star Rail that reward you for fulfilling various tasks in the game, such as logging in every day or completing certain objectives. Because these are tied to a timetable, the Events are changing all the time, but Stellar Jade will often be offered as a reward, regardless of when you start playing or which Events are currently live. As such, you should take time to fulfil their objectives in order to maximise your income of the currency. One easy way to earn Stellar Jade is to complete the Daily Check-In on the HoYoLAB website, which will reward you with Stellar Jade at various moments throughout the month.

Don't Forget Your Daily Training

As you increase your Trailblazer Rank, you'll eventually add Daily Training as a recurring activity that resets every 24 hours. This includes a list of objectives, ranging from quests through to small in-game activities. Completing them will unlock rewards, including Stellar Jade.

Further Your Nameless Honor

Nameless Honor is effectively Honkai: Star Rail's answer to a Battle Pass, providing you with a series of Daily, Weekly, and Periodic tasks to complete in return for progression. As you advance to different tiers of Nameless Honor, you'll unlock rewards, including Stellar Jade. Remember, you can earn even more items if you pay real money for the premium track.

Tackle the Simulated Universe

The Simulated Universe is, in essence, a roguelite-style game mode within Honkai: Star Rail, which has its own standalone points system and rewards. As you complete worlds and earn points, you'll advance a progression meter, which unlocks items including Stellar Jade. Furthermore, filling the Index of post-battle buffs named Blessings and Curios unlocks even more rewards.

Remember the Forgotten Hall

Unlocked once you've made some meaningful progress in the game, the Forgotten Hall is a list of increasingly difficult skirmishes with unique gameplay conditions and challenges. Completing the levels will earn you stars, which can be exchanged for huge sums of precious Stellar Jade. This is an activity you'll definitely want to partake in for some quick and easy free pulls.

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