Looking for how to get Light Cone EXP Materials in Honkai: Star Rail? Light Cone EXP Materials are a consumable in HoYoverse's huge turnbased RPG, and are used as a way to level up Light Cones. In order to overcome increasing Equilibrium Levels, you'll want to stock up on Light Cone EXP Materials as much as possible. On this page, as part of our Honkai: Star Rail guide, we're going to explain how to get Light Cone EXP Materials.

How Do You Get Light Cone EXP Materials in Honkai: Star Rail?

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Light Cone EXP Materials come in different guises, with the rarer forms offering a greater amount of EXP per exchange. In total there are three types of Light Cone EXP Materials: Sparse Aether, Condensed Aether, and Refined Aether. Each option offers the following amount of EXP:

  • Sparse Aether: 500 EXP
  • Condensed Aether: 2,000 EXP
  • Refined Aether: 6,000 EXP

Below, we've accumulated a number of suggestions for how to get Light Cone EXP Materials.

Golden Calyxes Are the Way to Go

The most straightforward method of earning Light Cone EXP Materials is to spend your Trailblaze Power on the appropriate Calyxes. Raising your Equilibrium Level will make these gauntlets more difficult, but will also improve your rewards. Remember to specifically target the Calyxes that reward Light Cone EXP Materials if that's what you're looking to earn.

Assignments Are Your Friend

After successfully increasing your Trailblaze Level enough, you'll unlock Assignments. These can be used to dispatch your characters off on resource gathering exercises, with Light Cone EXP Materials being an option. You can determine how long you'd like each Assignment to take, but we'd strongly recommend opting for the 20 hour option. You'll also want to match your character's Path Type to the Assignment to earn even more rewards.

Open Treasure Chests and Complete Quests

Purely playing the game will be enough to earn you a decent amount of Light Cone EXP Materials, especially if your Trailblaze Level is increasing and you're opening up any and all treasure chests you find. One other thing to note is if you've been pulling on banners, then you should have a stockpile of Undying Embers which can spent on up to 80 Condensed Aether per month.

Nameless Honor Is a Necessity

Nameless Honor is a ridiculously named alternative to the Battle Pass in Honkai: Star Rail, and levelling it up can earn you some pretty important consumables, like Light Cone EXP Materials. You don't have to pay the premium option to get plenty of useful rewards here, although obviously you'll significantly increase the impact on your inventory if you do.

Keep an Eye on Events and Redeemable Codes

Whenever you start playing the game, there will be ongoing Events for you to participate in, with rewards available for fulfilling fairly minor conditions, like logging in. While it will depend on the particular promotion, there will be Light Cone EXP Materials available as part of these periods. Similarly, you should keep an eye on our list of All Active Redemption Codes, as entering these will sometimes entitle you to Light Cone EXP Materials as well.

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