Looking for how to get more free pulls without paying in Honkai: Star Rail? As a gacha game, HoYoverse's latest will tempt you with microtransactions to unlock the characters you want. Of course, you can make good progress in the game without spending a dime. On this page, as part of our Honkai: Star Rail guide, we're going to explain how to get more free pulls without paying.

Honkai: Star Rail: How to Get More Free Pulls without Paying

Honkai: Star Rail: How to Get More Free Pulls without Paying 1
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Honkai: Star Rail is completely free-to-play, but if you want to get the most out of the release, you're going to need to pull on banners, or Warp as it's known in-game. While the most straightforward way to do this is to whale, we're sure many of you will be eager to save as much money as possible. While we do recommend the Express Supply Pass if you have a small amount of cash to spare, below we've compiled some ways you can maximise the number of free pulls you get in the game.

Pay Attention to Events

While promotional events rotate in and out of Honkai: Star Rail all the time, there's a good chance if you're paying attention you can earn a lot of Stellar Jade and even Star Rail Passes and Star Rail Special Passes just for interacting with the game. Requirements will change depending on the current timetable, but often you'll only have to login to earn rewards, which can lead to multiple free pulls.

Do Your Daily Training Everyday

The requirements of Daily Training change every 24 hours, but it's rare you'll need to spend more than 15 minutes to earn all your rewards from this system. You can accrue a lot of Stellar Jade this way — usually enough for a free pull every two to three days — so this can be a really easy way to Warp without paying a penny.

Don't Forget Your Daily Check In

Daily Check In is a mechanism in Honkai: Star Rail that interfaces with HoYoverse's social media-inspired HoYolab website. If you login, you'll have the opportunity to redeem rewards every day, and these can include Stellar Jade. While it's not the best way earn free pulls, it does add up if you participate everyday.

Ascend Your Characters

You'll get rewards for Ascending your characters, and among them are free Star Rail Passes. These can be used to pull on the permanent banner, and you can get some good rewards, like new characters and Light Cones.

Spend your Undying Embers and Undying Starlight

As you unlock rewards through Warps, you'll earn Undying Embers and Undying Starlight. These currencies can then be exchanged in the in-game store for free Star Rail Passes and Star Rail Special Passes. In the case of Undying Ember you'll only be able to purchase five of each per month, but you should prioritise them if you're looking to get as many free pulls as possible.

Progress Through the Game

Completing quests and simply progressing through the game is arguably the easiest and most obvious method of earning Stellar Jade. It should be noted that as you finish story missions, you'll also earn Trailblaze EXP which includes its own batch of rewards each time you level up. You can earn more Trailblaze EXP by investing Trailblaze Power into Calyxes every day, and you shouldn't neglect activities like the Simulated Universe, which also offer plenty of weekly rewards. Much of this also feeds into Nameless Honor, the game's Battle Pass, which includes some worthwhile rewards even if you don't pay for the premium tier.

Fulfil the Conditions of Operation Briefings

Operation Briefings are, in essence, an in-game guide integrated into the Interastral Guide which are designed to encourage you to explore all of the content in the game. However, fulfilling the conditions of these can net you quite a lot of rewards, thus further maximising your ability to make free pulls.

Did you find this page on how to get more free pulls without paying in Honkai: Star Rail useful? Whether you consider yourself a whale or not, free pulls are always welcome, so check out our Honkai: Star Rail guide for much more information on how to maximise your experience.