Looking for the Simulated Universe explained and how to earn Points in Honkai: Star Rail? Simulated Universe is a roguelite-inspired game mode in HoYoverse's turnbased RPG which resets every week and allows you to unlock rewards, including Stellar Jade. On this page, as part of our Honkai: Star Rail guide, we're going to include information on the Simulated Universe explained and how to earn Points.

Honkai: Star Rail: Simulated Universe Explained and How to Earn Points

Honkai: Star Rail: Simulated Universe Explained and How to Earn Points 1
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Simulated Universe unlocks as you progress through the game's main missions and increase your Trailblaze Level. You'll get your first taste of the mode aboard the Herta Space Station as part of a quest named Simulated Universe: First Closed Beta. This serves as an introduction to the game mode and doubles as a tutorial. Once completed, you'll unlock the ability to play World 1 shortly after.

How to Complete Simulated Universe

Simulated Universe consists of six Worlds, although you'll only begin with access to World 1. You'll need to progress through the main story and raise your Trailblaze Level and Equilibrium Level to unlock more Worlds. Each World consists of a series of randomly generated Domains, each including different gameplay scenarios and combat encounters. There are five different Domains, as well as a type called Divergence which gives you a choice between two or more options:

  • Combat: Includes one or more combat encounters.
  • Elite: Includes one high difficulty combat encounter.
  • Boss: Includes the final boss combat encounter.
  • Occurrence: Includes one random event.
  • Respite: Includes a Herta Puppet and downloader.

In each Domain you'll be able to destroy objects for Cosmic Fragments and you'll also find tanks which replenish health and Technique Points. Upon completing each combat encounter you'll earn a Blessing, which will augment your team with a temporary stat boost applicable only to a single Simulated Universe run. Completing or failing the World and starting over will see your Blessings reset.

Based on your progress through the Simulated Universe, you'll accumulate points, which will unlock rewards based on your Equilibrium Level. These rewards reset weekly, offering incentive to replay the Simulated Universe every seven days. You'll also earn Herta Bonds which can be traded for rewards like Star Rail Passes in Herta's Store.

All Worlds Guide

Below is a guide to all Worlds in Simulated Universe, including recommended levels, recommended Elements, and first clearance rewards:

Simulated Universe Recommended Level Recommended Elements First Clearance Rewards
World 1
  • 16
World 2
  • 35
World 3

Difficulty 1:

  • 45

Difficulty 2:

  • 62

Difficulty 1:

Difficulty 2:

World 4

Difficulty 1:

  • 50

Difficulty 2:

  • 62

Difficulty 1:

Difficulty 2:

World 5
  • 55
World 6
  • 60

How to Unlock Blessings

Each combat encounter you complete in the Simulated Universe will reward you with a choice of three Blessings. These will all belong to one of the seven Aeons in the game, or more specifically a Path Type. There are different Blessing rarities with increasing effectiveness, and they buff your team appropriately. As such, you should think about which type of characters you have in your party and how the Blessing will benefit them specifically. For example, there's no point in adding lots of Blessings from the Path Type named The Abundance if you don't have a healer on your team. If you do roll a transformative Blessing for a character you're not currently using, however, remember you'll always have the opportunity to add them to your team using a downloader in a Respite Domain.

Blessings can be upgraded using Cosmic Fragments to increase their effectiveness, and you can do this by speaking with a Herta Puppet in a Respite Domain. Some random Occurrences will also result in upgraded Blessings, too.

As you discover more and more Blessings, you'll fill out your Index which can be accessed from the Simulated Universe main menu. Reaching milestones in your Index will unlock more Stellar Jade rewards, so it's a good idea to experiment with different teams and Blessings when possible. Blessings marked with a catalogue symbol are ones you don't currently have added to your Index.

While Blessings are temporary and only apply to a single World attempt in the Simulated Universe, an Ability Tree can be unlocked which applies permanent buffs across all attempts in the mode. This can be progressed by spending Ability Points.

How to Earn Points

Earning Points is essential if you want to unlock the weekly rewards associated with the Simulated Universe, and fortunately it's as simple as playing through and completing the mode. You'll get some Points even if you fail to complete a World, but you'll get maximum Points for completing all of the Domains, including the Boss Domain.

As your Equilibrium Level increases, so too will the difficulty of the Simulated Universe, but you'll be able to earn more Points and subsequently better weekly rewards. In order to maximise your gains from this mode, you'll want to start a new Simulated Universe run each week.

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