Looking for how to get Fuel in Honkai: Star Rail? Fuel is a type of consumable in HoYoverse's turn-based RPG which is used to restore Trailblaze Power, allowing you to complete more activities like Calyxes per day. On this page, as part of our Honkai: Star Rail guide, we're going to explain how to get Fuel.

How Do You Get Fuel in Honkai: Star Rail?

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While your Trailblaze Power will replenish automatically over time, if you're trying to grind out important resources like Character EXP Materials, Light Cone EXP Materials, or Trace Materials, you may not want to wait to claim rewards from Calyxes et al. While you can use Stellar Jade to restore Trailblaze Power, this is much better spent on Star Rail Passes and Star Rail Special Passes for banners. As such, below, we're going to explain how to get Fuel.

Pay Close Attention to Quest Rewards

As you progress through quests or missions, you'll earn a variety of different rewards. While these rewards vary on a case-by-case basis, you'll regularly earn Fuel for progressing through the game. If you're trying to maximise the amount of Fuel you have available, then pay close attention to your quest log and prioritise those quests where it's a reward.

Boost Your Trailblaze Level

As you earn Trailblaze EXP and increase your Trailblaze Level, you'll be gifted an array of rewards from Pom Pom aboard the Astral Express. While it's not always the case, many Trailblaze Levels will include a denomination of Fuel you can use to restore Trailblaze Power.

Improve Your Nameless Honor

Nameless Honor is Honkai: Star Rail's pretentiously named alternative to the fairly commonplace Battle Pass, and ranking it up can earn you important consumables, like Fuel. You don't necessarily have to buy the premium option to get some rewards here, although obviously you'll expand your inventory further if you do.

Always Complete the Events

Depending on when you're playing Honkai: Star Rail, there'll likely be a selection of Events for you to complete. These will often have time-limited rewards, and Fuel is a common item you'll receive for engaging with the content. Make sure you're always completing your Events on time in order to maximise your inventory of this precious resource.

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