Looking for how to earn Relic EXP Materials in Honkai: Star Rail? Relic EXP Materials are a consumable in HoYoverse's hit turnbased RPG, used to upgrade Relics. Relics are one of many ways you can level up characters, so you'll want to stock up on Relic EXP Materials. On this page, as part of our Honkai: Star Rail guide, we're going to explain how to earn Relic EXP Materials.

Honkai: Star Rail: How to Earn Relic EXP Materials

Honkai: Star Rail: How to Earn Relic EXP Materials 1
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Relic EXP Materials come in several different guises, with the rarer forms offering a greater amount of EXP per exchange. All in all, there are three types of Relic EXP Materials: Lost Lightdust, Lost Gold Fragments, and Lost Crystals. Each option offers the following amount of EXP:

  • Lost Lightdust: 100 EXP
  • Lost Gold Fragments: 500 EXP
  • Lost Crystals: 1,000 EXP

Below, we've accumulated a number of suggestions for how to earn Relic EXP Materials.

Progress Through the Game

Simply progressing through the game will be enough to earn you some Relic EXP Materials, especially if your Trailblaze Level is increasing and you've been opening the treasure chests you find. Daily Training in particular is a great way to earn Relic EXP Materials, so make sure you're interacting with that everyday.

Earn Simulated Universe Points

As you complete the Worlds in roguelite-inspired Simulated Universe mode, you'll earn points which progress a meter and unlock key resources, like Relic EXP Materials. Lost Gold Fragments in particular are quite common here, and the rewards are refreshed every week, so make sure you're spending time here every seven days or so.

Salvage Your Unwanted Relics

As you progress through the game, you'll earn a surplus of unwanted Relics, many of which will not be fit for purpose or improve on your equipped items in any meaningful way. In these circumstances, you'll want to use their salvage to upgrade Relics you do intend to use. Any salvaged Relics will automatically become Relic EXP Materials.

Pay Attention to Events and Redeemable Codes

Regardless of when you decide to dig in to the game, there will be some Events for you to participate in, with rewards available for fulfilling fairly minor conditions, like logging in. While it will depend on the particular promotion, there may be some Relic EXP Materials available as part of these periods. Similarly, you should keep an eye on our list of All Active Redemption Codes, as entering these will sometimes entitle you to a hearty Relic EXP Materials as well.

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