What are the first things to do in Los Santos in GTA Online? Rockstar's online sandbox is vast, varied, and filled with different activities to occupy your time. If you're new to the game and not sure where to start, then our GTA Online guide can help. For the purposes of this article, we'll be focusing purely on some of the sights and attractions you should visit when playing the game for the first time.

GTA Online: Best Things to Do First in Los Santos

GTA Online: Best Things to Do First in Los Santos Guide 1
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There's so much to see in GTA Online that it can be difficult to decide on the best things to do first in Los Santos. This guide is going to assume that you've spent a little bit of time with the game already and have completed the onboarding missions. Once you've done that, then you'll be free to explore the city and see what it has to offer.

Diamond Casino & Resort

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One of the biggest updates to GTA Online in recent history added the Diamond Casino & Resort, a social hub filled with slot machines, poker tables, and much more. Frankly, you can spend hours here simply betting your chips and enjoying the minigames. You'll also find the Music Locker night club situated to the side of the gambling den, which allows you to listen to acts like Keinemusic and also Start the Cayo Perico Heist.

Make a Wishlist

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At this stage, you may not necessarily know How to Make Money Fast in GTA Online, but you're probably going to want to look at what's available to buy. Settle down in a safe space and load the Internet app from your smartphone. Visit websites like Warstock Cache & Carry and Legendary Motorsport and make a note of some of the Best Cars and Vehicles to Buy and Own. You may also want to visit your nearest Ammu-Nation and decide upon some of the Best Guns and Weapons to Buy you want.

Lounge at the LS Car Meet

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You may not even have a tricked out ride at this stage, but the LS Car Meet is well worth visiting. Here you'll be able to Test Drive a number of desirable rides, and launch the new Street Race Series which is a ton of fun. You can learn How to Find the LS Car Meet and Become a Member through the link.

Take on Some Jobs

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GTA Online is a sandbox first and foremost, but it's also packing a seemingly never-ending list of Jobs and Missions for you to complete. You can join a Quick Job directly from the app on your smartphone, or you can browse the full list by pushing Options and selecting Online > Jobs > Play Job > Rockstar Created. There's simply so many options here, ranging from more traditional Team Deathmatch playlists to the much more imaginative Adversary Modes, that it's well worth digging in and seeing how imaginative Rockstar gets. You may, for example, want to refer to the GTA Online Weekly Update to see which modes are being promoted.

Build a Business Empire

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Admittedly this will take a bit of capital to get started, but you may want to look into our How to Make Money Fast guide for information on building a business empire. There are so many businesses in GTA Online, from Nightclubs to Offices, and they all come with unique money-making activities for you to participate in. Assuming you do have a bit of cash lying around, then you'll want to know about the Best MC Businesses to Buy. If you simply can't afford any of these Properties, then you can consider working as a Bodyguard for another CEO or Motorcycle Club President. Generous employers may even pay you for your support.

Pass Your Flight School Exam

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Piloting skills are practically essential in GTA Online, but chances are you won't have enough money to own your own Personal Aircraft at this stage. That's okay, though, because it's never too early to learn: head to the Flight School at Los Santos International Airport to cut your teeth as a pilot. You can not only earn a ton of money for completing these short but challenging minigames, but you can also have a lot of fun flying over the city.

Kill Some Time with Golf and Tennis

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You'll spend a lot of time killing and stealing in GTA Online, but if all the crime is getting you down, then it's worth remembering that Los Santos has some perfectly serviceable golf and tennis minigames in it. Simply travel to one of the waypoints and you can play online against friends or strangers. While the gameplay isn't quite on par with dedicated sports games, it's serviceable and surprisingly fun. Assuming you can afford it, the Arcade (See Also: Best Arcade to Buy and How to Start the Diamond Casino Heist) also has a ton of enjoyable minigames in it, including fan favourite QUB3D.

What are the best things to do first in Los Santos in GTA Online? Have a gander at our GTA Online guide, and let us know in the comments section below.