Looking for a Groa's Secret walkthrough for God of War Ragnarok? Groa's Secret is the fourth quest in The Path, which represents Ragnarok's main storyline. As part of our God of War Ragnarok guide, we're going to share our full Groa's Secret walkthrough, which includes puzzle solutions, combat strategies, and any other key areas of interest.

God of War Ragnarok: Groa's Secret Walkthrough

With Old Friends finished, it's time to discover Groa's Secret. You'll exit the Mystic Gateway at The Strond in Alfheim, and there's some Lore directly ahead in the form of a Rune Reads. Climb the wall to the left and follow Tyr and Atreus outside. Drop down the ledge for more Lore; this time a Lore Marker. Follow the path around and clear away some pots for a red chest. Then climb back up and squeeze through the gap in the wall. There's a yellow chest to the left, as well as a Nornir Chest over the ledge. This is another one where you have to light the braziers to complete it. Return to Tyr and Atreus and then go upwards. Tyr will point out the Temple of Light on the horizon.

As you follow the path, you'll spy one of Odin's Ravens in the tree opposite. Eventually you'll reach a barricade, with Twilight Stone next to it. Twilight Stone will reflect the direction of your axe, so toss your Leviathan Axe through the gap in the barricade and bounce it at the plate holding up the blockade. It's pretty good fun, this, but you won't have too much time to faff around as there are Wretches on the other side. Some of these explode, so be sure to stay out of their radius when you dispatch them. Descend over the edge of the wall, opposite the barricade, and in a cave is an Artefact and a Light Runic Attack named Skadi's Edge. Once you're done, climb back up, and continue climbing up the wall in the far corner, just right of where the barricade is.

A little further down the path, you'll come face-to-face with a new foe: Light Elves. Deal with them all, remembering you can double-tap L1 to break their guard. Then follow the path and lift up the large rock to continue down the path. There's an Artefact and a Nornir Chest to the right. Once you're done, turn the giant cogs to enter the Temple of Light. Once you've got the right balance, as instructed by Atreus, the door will unlock and you can head inside.

Inside the Temple of Light, just to the right is some Twilight Stone you can use to bounce your axe at a crystal above the blocked doorway. This will remove the fog so you can enter with Tyr and Atreus. Follow the pathway down to the Lake of Souls. In the next room is a red chest with Rawhide and Hacksilver inside, and another fogged door. Find the angle to break the crystal with the Leviathan Axe, and continue on through the doorway.

There are a few Light Elves on the other side, so deal with them quickly, then wait for Tyr to create a path forward for you. Hookshot across with the Blades of Chaos, and open the yellow chest on the left. Once you're done, follow Atreus and Tyr for another yellow chest and continue up the stairs. There's another blocked door here, so climb up the rear of the area for an Artefact, and then bounce your Leviathan Axe against the Twilight Stone to unblock the doorway. On the other side are Light Elf Mystics; be sure to swat their projectiles out of the air by throwing your axe at them, before attacking them head-on.

In the next area, drop down and go through the door. Pull the chain so that the Twilight Stone raises up and bounce your axe onto the white marble wall. Let go of the chain and reclaim your axe. This will knock down the platform with the Legendary Chest on it, allowing you to open it for the Hilt of Gram. You'll be ambushed by Gloom Nightmares and Wretches upon climbing back up, so just be prepared for that. Go back through the door and then use the big wheel crank to lower the Twilight Stone about halfway. You need to throw your axe to create the angle and then bounce it off the Twilight Stone and into the crystal above the blocked doorway. Continue onwards with Atreus and Tyr. There are Exploding Nightmares on the other side, so deal with those promptly. In the room on the left is an Artefact, so collect that. Then continue onwards for a battle with some much stronger Light Elf Warriors. At the back of the room, drop down the ledge for a red chest with Hacksilver and Forged Iron inside. Then use the Blades of Chaos to cross the gap and catch up to Tyr.

In the next area, you can use Twilight Stone to stun the Light Elf in front of you, which is tremendous fun. Climb up the wall and deal with the Light Elf Mystics at the top. Keep in mind there's a ton of Twilight Stone up here, so you can use this to stun the enemies and deal with them promptly. Push the big stature over and cross the light bridge half way, then wait for Tyr to push the other statues down so you can progress further. A little further up the path, there are more Light Elf Mystics to deal with, as well as one of Odin's Ravens overlooking the far wall.

Head up the stairs and through the doorway. In the next room, instruct Atreus to fire a Sonic Arrow at the statue on the left. Then pull it to the left with the Blades of Chaos. Climb up to a higher level and swing across to the other side. There's a yellow chest at the end of the corridor. Half-way up, instruct Atreus to fire another Sonic Arrow at the blockade. This will break the statue, allowing you to pull it left and right. However, first you need to detach the wings. First, throw your axe at the blue plate on the right. Then drag the statue to the right. Bounce your Leviathan Axe off the Twilight Stone to remove the plate on the left, and then pull the statue all the way left. Swing back to the upper-area on the opposite side of the room, and get the correct angle so that you can smash the crystal, unblocking the doorway. Continue onwards and through the door.

In the main temple, instruct Atreus to fire a Sonic Arrow at the large statue on the left, which will drop some Twilight Stone down. Tyr will jump on it, twisting the chain around, allowing you to get an angle to throw your Leviathan Axe at the crystal and open the blocked door. Take the elevator upwards. You'll encounter a cutscene at the top, so watch that unfold.

Swing across to the other side, and open the door. Follow the staircase up, and head outside. On the right is a yellow chest, so be sure to open that for some Hacksilver. On the right side is a blue chest, as well as one of the Huldra Brothers' workshops. Spend a bit of time upgrading your equipment if you want to. Once you're done, interact with the Jotunheim Mural and see what unfolds. Go back the way you came previously, past the Huldra Brothers' workshop, and defeat the Light Elves on the way. To ensure you're on the right path, make sure you're following Tyr down.

Boss Fight: How to Beat Alva

Eventually, you'll be ambushed by a Light Elf named Alva. At the beginning of this fight, double tap the L1 button to deflect her attack. You can use this same tactic at multiple points during the fight, to disrupt her rhythm and get several hits in. You can also deflect some of the light swipes she sends at you, but be careful when she sends an X-shaped projectile, as this can't be guarded and you'll need to dodge roll out of the way. When she hits you with a combo, you can deflect some of the moves, but beware her final strike where she plunges her weapons into the ground, as this will cause an area of effect that will massively damage you. At the very end of the battle, you'll need to tap L1 twice to break through Alva's guard, allowing you to finish her off.

Follow Tyr across the light bridge once you're done with the boss battle. There's a bit of drama on here, but all's well that ends well. Follow Atreus and Tyr down the corridor. To the right is a yellow chest with Hacksilver inside, so be sure to grab that. Once you're outside, you'll be ambushed by Dark Elves, and quite a lot of them at that! Nothing's straightforward, is it? You can break the defences of these by double tapping the L1 button to strike them with your shield, but there are quite a lot to deal with so brace yourself for a battle.

After quite a bit of battling, you'll need to climb a wall. Continue to follow Tyr, killing any Dark Elves and Light Elves you encounter along the way. When the bridge collapses, you'll fall into an arena with a Dark Elf Summoner. Try to defeat him first, as he's capable of calling in reinforcements. You can use Atreus to provide supporting fire on the square button if you need it. Eventually you'll be able to climb up and over the wall to the Mystic Gateway, so open it and let Tyr escape to safety. At this point you can choose to continue to the main story and go through the Mystic Gateway back to Sindri's House, or explore deeper into Alfheim.

Assuming you do decide to delve deeper into Alfheim, then follow Atreus down the path opened up by the elf that broke down the doorway previously. There are some tentacles blocking the way, which you can destroy by hitting them all using your axe; if you played the previous God of War, you'll remember this mechanic. Climb up the wall, and you'll spy one of Odin's Ravens to the right. There's another Mystic Gateway ahead, as well as the Huldra Brothers' workshop and a blue chest. Speak with Sindri to begin the Secrets of the Sands. You can continue with that Favour if you want to, but for the purposes of this walkthrough we're going to return to Sindri's House through the Mystic Gateway we just discovered. This will complete Groa's Secret. Head over and speak to Ratatoskr once you return to Sindri's House, who'll explain how you can summon him when he's not around. Speak to him a bit more to learn more lore, then head inside the house.

You can spend a bit of time upgrading your gear at the Huldra Brothers' workshop if you like, before sitting down for dinner with Tyr and Atreus. After a lengthy cutscene, you'll awaken as Atreus. Interact with the shadowy figure, reaching towards the mask.

You'll end up in a dessert. Walk towards the shadowy figure behind you. You'll awaken in a different area, so follow the wolf. The path is pretty linear, so you shouldn't get lost. More wolves will join you eventually. There's some Ydalir Timber you can collect along the path, so be sure to pick that up. Eventually you'll reach a gap you can crawl through, so head through and watch the cutscene unfold. Once you take back control, follow Angrboda to begin The Lost Sanctuary.

God of War Ragnarok: Groa's Secret Objectives

  • Reach Groa's shrine atop the temple
  • Descend the Light Well
  • Make your way to the Mystic Gateway

God of War Ragnarok: Groa's Secret Rewards

1,500 XP
750 XP

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