Looking for an The Lost Sanctuary walkthrough for God of War Ragnarok? The Lost Sanctuary is the fifth quest in The Path, which represents Ragnarok's main storyline. As part of our God of War Ragnarok guide, we're going to share our full The Lost Sanctuary walkthrough, which includes puzzle solutions, combat strategies, and any other key areas of interest.

God of War Ragnarok: The Lost Sanctuary Walkthrough

The Lost Sanctuary begins immediately after you meet Angrboda in Ironwood, not long after completing Groa's Secret. Simply follow her down a relatively linear path to get started with this quest. On a couple of occasions, you'll need to use Sonic Arrows to reveal a path forwards. Shortly after climbing over the brooch, you'll be ambushed by your first enemy in this area: Draugrs. Fortunately, Agrboda is a very capable combatant. After the battle, on the left, is a red chest with Ydalir Timber and Forged Iron in it, so be sure to open that. Watch out for the Gloom Nightmares and continue to follow the path forwards, now separated from Angrboda. There's Lore in the form of a Scroll named The Tree, behind some wooden boards you can shoot with a Sonic Arrow. Use these arrows also to continue to unlock the path forwards.

In order to reconnect with Angrboda, climb up to higher ground and shoot the Soundstone in the tree opposite. This will cause parts of the tree to collapse, revealing a hookshot point for you to cross the ledge. Open the yellow chest on the other side. Take care of the Gloom Nightmares. Then continue to follow the path until you reach a Legendary Chest. Open it for a Runic Summon named Rampaging Ibex. Climb up the wall behind you, and then use another Sonic Arrow to reveal more hookshot points. Following, you'll catch up with Angrboda.

On the right is a yellow chest you can open, so grab that for some Hacksilver, then continue onwards down the path. You'll be grabbed by a Draugr, but Angrboda's got your back. You can instruct her to throw purple dust at her foes, and if you quickly fire an arrow into that, it'll explode, issuing massive damage. Once you're done, help her lift up the big rock at the back of the arena.

After pointing out Idi's Medallion, race her down the hill. The path is quite linear and self-explanatory here, so you shouldn't have too many problems. Shortly after the race, you'll encounter more foes, so dispatch the swiftly, with Angrboda's assistance. You'll eventually reach the shrine you've been travelling to, otherwise known as Angrboda's Treehouse. Head inside and pull the tarpaulin off the stones inside. Watch the cutscenes unfold.

After some pretty major revelations, follow Angrboda out of the shrine. Grab the basket and continue to follow her. She'll call Jalla, so climb aboard when you have the opportunity. You'll end up in Vimur River, and will have full control of Jalla now. Much like when you're rowing in The Quest for Tyr, you can find key resources floating in the water. Follow the path, and collect the fruit along the way. At one point, you'll need to climb off Jalla and collect some fruit in an higher-up area. Jump back aboard Jalla and continue onwards.

You'll eventually find some Jotunheim Fruit on the floor, so grab that and follow Angrboda forwards. Use Sonic Arrows to create a path for Jalla to reach you. Then climb back aboard. You'll eventually come full-circle, back to Angrboda's Treehouse. Put the fruits in the bucket. Then interact with Angrboda's tool chest to collect the Jotnar's Champion Garb and the Jotnar Bow. You can also talk about the murals and sculptures if you like. Follow Angrboda when you're done, then climb aboard Jalla and follow the path.

You'll climb up a hill, where Angrboda and Atreus will continue on foot. Collect one of the roots at the base of the tree, and then climb back aboard Jalla and cross the bridge. Time to deal with more Draugrs, but this time you can embrace your animalistic side. Collect some more roots with Angrboda. Your next opponents are a little larger in scale, but with the range of abilities now in Atreus' arsenal, you shouldn't have too much trouble overcoming them. Crawl through the hole the enemies infiltrated through and then follow Jalla until you can climb aboard. You'll end up back at Angrboda's Treehouse, so drop off the roots in the bucket on the left.

You can upgrade your equipment again if you want to, then catch up with Angrboda. Climb back up on Jalla and head into the water. Go through the tunnel on the right. There's a yellow chest with Hacksilver inside if you want to hop off Jalla and open that. Climb up the wall at the far end and then try to bounce some stones across the water. You'll be ambushed by a horde of Draugrs. Again, this should be a fairly straightforward fight, although beware of the foes who are standing on higher ground. Then, with the bad guys dealt with, try and bounce a few more stones across the water. The trick is to release the stone just as Atreus' hand begins to glow. If you hit the giant Venus flower in the faraway distance, he'll cough up some loot you can grab out of the water later on.

Climb back aboard Jalla when you're ready, and continue onwards. Make a mental reminder of the Legendary Chest on the right. Eventually, you'll arrive at the Trail of the Jotnar. Get off Jalla and climb into the elevator. Deal with the Draugrs ahead, and help Angrboda lift up the rock blocking the path. There are more foes up ahead, including Gloom Nightmares. Once you've cleared them all out, slip through the gap in the wall. You'll arrive at the Valley of the Fallen. Forge forward, through the grass fields, and then watch the cutscene unfold.

After some big revelations, it's time to return the way you came. Lift up the rock once more to continue on your path, but Angrboda will get distracted and you'll be separated. Deal with the enemy that ambushes you. Dodge roll out of the way of its lunging strikes, and parry its claw flurries. While it's stunned, strike it with melee attacks, but don't get greedy. It'll drop Ydalir Timber, so be sure to pick that up. Continue to follow the path with Angrboda, and then head down the elevator. Head inside the hidden passageway, and up to higher ground to collect the Jotunheim Fruit for some additional XP. You'll come to a sinkhole, and Atreus will encourage Angrboda to clear out the Wretches inside, so use the rope to climb down. This will take you to Idi's Sinkhole. After Atreus' romantic attempt flops, crawl through the wall and deal with the first of four Wretches dens.

There are torches in here you need to get Angrboda to light, but they're very clearly indicated by button prompts on the screen. If you climb the wall on the first immediate right, you can follow a path to a red chest. Unfortunately, there are Wretches rather than loot inside. Continue making your way to higher ground, destroying some Soundstone to create a path back down for later. There's a yellow chest next to some ledges you can climb, so open this for Hacksilver. At the top of the ledges is another den you can destroy. Drop back down into the main area. This time follow the main path forward. There are explosive Wretches here, so be sure to dodge-roll out of their radius when you kill them. This time the den is up on the wall, so have Angrboda throw her dust at it then detonate it with your arrows. Be careful of any Draugrs in this area, too. There's a red chest you can open around here with Ydalir Timber and Forged Iron inside, so be sure to grab that.

With three of the dens destroyed, return back to your starting point, where you'll be ambushed by more foes. Look for a bridge with Hacksilver on it, and then leap across it. You'll stumble upon some Soundstone you can clear with a Sonic Arrow, which will provide you with a path back to your starting point. For now, go the opposite direction. On the left, there's a gap inside the cave wall. Shoot a Sonic Arrow through, and then enter through the cleared path. The fourth and final Wretches den is inside. With them all cleared out, head back through the gap in the cave you entered to get back outside. Annoyingly, there's a Bergsra Mother waiting for you, so defeat it. It'll drop a Bow Ability named the Sharpshooter Stare. Before climbing out, if you knock down the hanging bucket with an arrow, just above the gap in the wall where you found all the Wretches dens, you'll get some Shattered Runes.

Climb back aboard Jalla and head through the marshes. Climb up and over the wall once you reach it and sit on the ledge with Angrboda. Watch what happens. You can move forward when you're ready. Go up the hill for a shortcut. Once you get off Jalla, watch a cutscene and see what happens.

You're now on the pursuit of Gryla, and she doesn't sound particularly friendly. Drop down from the ledge and deal with the Draugrs. There are more all the way down the path, so don't drop your guard or get complacent. When you get to the tree trunk, climb up the ledge to the right and fire a Sonic Arrow at its side to open a crawling gap. Squeeze through the gap and climb up the ledges opposite. Then shoot another Sonic Arrow to open the pathway forwards.

Drop down into another arena for another big battle. Some of these enemies will poison you, so just be careful of that. Follow the path, opening another red chest along the way with Ydalir Timber and Rawhide inside. At the end of the path, you'll reach Gryla's home. The front door is locked, so instead head around the side of the building. Climb up the ledge, and use the hookshot point to swing across. Then shoot a Sonic Arrow through the centre of the dangling wooden block to create a path for Angrboda. She'll reveal a grapple point for you, so climb up.

Once you're inside, you'll spot a key. Try and turn it, then open the door and climb down the steps. There's a barrel you can destroy at the bottom with a Sonic Arrow, and if you hookshot across you'll find some Hacksilver on the other side. Once you reach a blocked path, climb up the ledge on the right and fire a Sonic Arrow down to destroy the barrel blocking the way. Grab the Hacksilver and continue forward into the pantry. It's a little ominous in here, to say the least. Watch the cutscene that unfolds.

Return the way you previously came, back up the big stone staircase, and through the doorway. Pick up the giant cup Atreus knocked over earlier and prepare to hide. While Gryla is distracted, sneak towards the distressed wolf and set it free. Watch what occurs, then begin to make your escape.

Follow Angrboda's lead. You'll eventually end up back in Gryla's kitchen, so hookshot across to the cauldron that she mentioned earlier. You can try to destroy the cauldron, but it won't work. It's time to fight.

Boss Fight: How to Beat Gryla

A fight with Gryla was always coming, and here it is. Fortunately, this isn't a particularly difficult or challenging battle really. To begin, pay attention to the cauldron that Angrboda mentioned previously. As Gryla moves it about in her hands, you'll be able to hit it with arrows when it's glowing purple. This will inflict damage. Occasionally she'll run at you and stomp the ground, so dodge these attacks. She'll also toss projectiles at you. Some of these can be deflected, but others need to be dodged.

When she drops the cauldron and falls on the floor, rush over and attack it with your melee weapons to inflict a lot of damage. When the floor turns to a glowing purple, climb up to higher ground. Slingshot across to the candle that Angrboda points out, and instruct her to light it like you did in Idi's Sinkhole earlier. You need to make sure Gryla is near to the candle in order to successfully stun her, so bide your time. There's another candle on the opposite side of the room if you need to move. Once she's stunned, fire arrows at the cauldron again. You can rinse and repeat these tactics until she drops the cauldron, allowing you to inflict even more damage on it.

Finally, on the third stumble, hit the R3 button and tap circle to destroy the cauldron once and for all. Keep hammering circle to snatch it back, and destroy it once and for all, completing the boss fight. At this point you'll unlock a Trophy named The Cauldron.

Right, it's time to calm down a bit. Follow Angrboda's lead, and head back to her home. Up for a race? Sure, why not? Just continue running down the path. You can't really go the wrong way, so just enjoy the spectacle. Once you're back at Angrboda's Treehouse, you can spend as much or as little time looking around as you'd like. You can feed the animals, upgrade your equipment, or just spend more time chatting with Angrboda. When you're finished, interact with the quest marker, and watch the cutscene.

Well, that didn't go to plan! You're back in Midgard, and there are enemies all around you. Deal with them, and then head through the Mystic Gateway. You'll be interrupted by Kratos. You're back in control of Kratos now, and there are Hel-Reavers to deal with. And that's not all!

Boss Fight: How to Beat Vanadis

Tap the circle button swiftly to escape Vanadis' boot, and begin fighting back. When she's at a distance from you, she'll fire arrows in your direction. Dodge out of the way of these. You can pretty easily parry her attacks, but when she leaps into the air and slams the ground, this is unblockable so make sure you dodge roll out of the way. At about half-way through the battle, she'll grab you and toss you into another part of the arena. At this phase, she'll start poisoning the ground, so you'll want to stay out of the way of those attacks. Finish bringing her health bar down, and wait for her to reveal her face. At this point you'll unlock a Trophy named Backyard Brawl. Watch the cutscene that unfolds.

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This completes The Lost Sanctuary, and begins The Reckoning, as Kratos and Freya commit to travelling to Vanaheim.

God of War Ragnarok: The Lost Sanctuary Objectives

  • Explore Ironwood with Angrboda
  • Meet Angrboda at the shrine
  • Help Angrboda with 'Giant stuff'
  • Follow Angrboda through the canyon
  • Head back to Jalla
  • Investigate the hidden passageway
  • Clear the Wretches from the sinkhole
  • Head home through the marshes
  • Free the wolf from Gryla's clutches
  • Set the wolf free
  • Return to Angrboda's home
  • Explore the treehouse.
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God of War Ragnarok: The Lost Sanctuary Rewards

  • None

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