God of War Ragnarok: How to Beat Light Elf Warriors 1

Light Elf Warriors are melee-based opponents who specialise in using swords. They attack quickly, and can do a lot of damage if your defence isn't on point.

Light Elf Warriors come in two different forms, the second being more difficult to defeat than the first.

Light Elf Warrior 1

The first type of Warrior's main attack is a flurry of sword strikes after dashing in from midrange. This whole sequence is a combo, so if you get hit by the first part, you're probably getting hit by the rest. However, the attacks can be blocked, so get that shield up.

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The best strategy, though, is to try and parry that first hit. The timing can be awkward as there's a bit of a pause after the Warrior glides forward, but when done correctly, a parry will completely open them up.

Warriors also have a habit of jumping away to safety if you can't defeat them with one combo, so try and maximise your damage once you've made an opening.

Another tip is to try and attack warriors from midrange with a projectile. This will often force them into a blocking stance, where they cross their swords. When this happens, run in and perform a shield smash to destroy their defence and leave them vulnerable.

Light Elf Warrior 2

The second type of Warrior can be much more dangerous than the first. They use just one sword instead of two, and they have more health. They're also capable of projectile slash attacks that you must parry or dodge. Blocking will break your guard.

These Warriors require some concentration, as they can be difficult to predict. Like their weaker brethren, they prefer to jump out of danger if Kratos gets too close, but as mentioned, this is where their projectile attacks become and issue.

There's no defined tactic to fighting these Warriors. The best advice we can give is to simply watch their movements carefully, and perhaps rely on defensive techniques until there's a clear opening. They should probably be prioritised in group battles, as keeping them busy is preferred to having them attack you from behind or to the side.

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