Looking for an all gems list and how to unlock the Jeweler in Diablo 4? Gems are a class of item you'll find throughout the course of the game and can be Socketed into weapons, armour, and jewellery for powerful bonuses. As such, becoming acquainted with the Jeweler (the NPC merchant associated with the system) is essential to getting the most out of your existing equipment. On this page, as part of our Diablo 4 guide, we'll show you an all gems list and how to unlock the Jeweler, so you can put those shiny baubles to work.

Diablo 4: All Gems List and How to Unlock the Jeweler

Diablo 4: All Gems List and How to Unlock the Jeweler
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Unlocking the Jeweler in Diablo 4 is a straightforward affair; simply reach level 20, and an Urgent Quest will guide you to the one in Kyovashad. The Jeweler can also be found in every major settlement and even a few minor ones, as well. If this is your first time playing, you will likely still be working out of the first hub settlement of Kyovashad at that level, so you won't have far to go to start making the most of those Gems.

The Jeweler offers a series of services, all of which will be essential as you approach Diablo 4's intimidating Endgame. The most common of which will be the Crafting of Gems, which allows rougher rocks to be refined into a single, more startling piece. Sockets can be added to certain items that lack them, allowing an additional place to slot a Gem. Gems can also be Unsocketed for a fee, returning it to your Inventory and allowing the placement of another.

Something we wish we had been diligent about earlier is storing Gems in the Stash when you return to town. There is no reason to take them out adventuring with you, and you can free up a surprising amount of Inventory space by getting into the habit. When you inevitably need to redo your Skill points or Upgrade your weapons and armour.

Gems come in the following flavours, offering different benefits for different builds. Each follows a simple upgrade path: along with a nominal fee of Gold, three Crude make a Chipped and three Chipped make a whole. Depending on what piece of gear a Gem is Socketed into, different benefits can be obtained as outlined below.

Gem Weapon Armour Jewellery
Amethyst Damage Over Time Buff Damage Over Time Reduction Shadow Resistance Increase
Diamond Ultimate Damage Increase Barrier Potency Increase All Elements Resistance Increase
Emerald Damage to Elites Increase Adds Thorns (Damage Reflection) Poison Resistance Increase
Ruby Class Resource Generation Increase Max Life Fire Resistance Increase
Sapphire Critical Strike Damage to Crowd Controlled Enemies Increase Damage Reduction while Fortified Cold Resistance Increase
Skull Life on Kill Additional Healing Received from All Sources Additional Armour Gained
Topaz Increase Lucky Hit Chance Damage Reduction while Crowd Controlled Lightning Resistance Increase

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