Need to have Diablo 4's complex, intimidating Endgame explained and how to reach level 100 answered? The "Endgame" moniker is something of a misnomer, as in many ways, it's where the true Diablo experience begins. On this page, as part of our Diablo 4 guide, we'll explain Diablo 4's Endgame and how to reach level 100 in order to prepare you for the battles that lie ahead.

Diablo 4: Endgame Explained and How to Reach Level 100

Diablo 4: Endgame Explained and How to Reach Level 100 1

Diablo 4's Endgame, simply put, is everything that comes after you complete the Campaign. It covers the entire back half of the levelling experience, with content steadily ramping all the way from levels 50-100 and across both World Tiers 3 and 4.

Upon completing the Epilogue (unlocked once Act VI is cleared), players will find themselves back in the open world with a whole host of new systems at play, chief among them being the Whispers of the Dead and Grim Favours. Fearsome World Bosses will begin to stalk the land periodically, requiring the coordinated efforts of many players to drive back.

In addition, the looming Cathedral of Light Capstone Dungeon awaits in the first main hub city of Kyovashad, gating off Nightmare difficulty in World Tier 3 and the powerful build-defining gear (in addition to unique enemies and yet more mechanics, like Nightmare Dungeons and Helltides) that awaits there.

Grim Favours and Whispers of the Dead

Diablo 4: Endgame Explained and How to Reach Level 100 2

Grim Favours are repeatable activities that take place in the open world (or can be earned by clearing specially marked Dungeons). These are limited-time activities that will periodically refresh and change regions and award various amounts of points upon completion. Once ten have been acquired in total, players can return to the Tree of Whispers and exchange these points for one of three randomised loot caches, which correspond with an item slot (Gloves, Boots etc.). This is a safe and reliable way to earn powerful gear, and players that dedicate themselves to regularly engaging in it will be richly rewarded.

Capstone Dungeons

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There are currently two Capstone Dungeons in Diablo 4: the Cathedral of Light (level 50+), which gates off World Tier 3 - Nightmare, and Fallen Temple (level 70+), which similarly seals off World Tier 4 - Torment.

Functionally, each acts like a regular Dungeon, albeit much more difficult, with unique Boss encounters and an increased propensity for Elite enemies (as well as Legendary loot). Clearing the Cathedral of Light should be your top priority upon completing the Campaign, as cracking it opens up additional Endgame activities. Doing so is going to require some serious gearing up and should be attempted at or nearly at level 50, preferably with a full Party rolling four players deep. Fallen Temple provides a similar progression roadblock and should be attempted around level 70.

Nightmare Dungeons

Nightmare Dungeons are a unique, harder variant of existing Dungeons, which can only be accessed while playing on (at least) World Tier 3 - Nightmare. A Nightmare Sigil is required to access them, which you will earn as drops while playing on Nightmare difficulty. Players will oftentimes need to operate under special conditions in Nightmare Dungeons, such as having a set number of lives in which to complete it.

Fields of Hatred

Diablo 4: Endgame Explained and How to Reach Level 100 4

The Fields of Hatred function as Diablo 4's PvP element, taking place in gated-off regions of Sanctuary. Travelling to one such region, players can engage regular enemies, unique bosses, and other players in exchange for loot and Seeds of Hatred, which are dropped upon death.

Seeds of Hatred can only be extracted via an Altar of Extraction, something nearby opportunistic players will be notified of and which they can interrupt. Successfully getting out with the goods rewards players with Red Dust, which can be traded for powerful gear at special PvP vendors.

World Bosses

World Bosses are massive, server-shaking opponents that will require most of the players in Realm to work together to overcome. Massive, apocalyptic demons, for the most part, which, once slain, can drop some of the very best loot in the game. A server-wide message will inform players when a World Boss is detected, with their exact location visible from the map.


Diablo 4: Endgame Explained and How to Reach Level 100 3

Helltides are another form of demonic incursion, spawning lesser demons in massive numbers that are just as dangerous. Beginning in World Tier 3, Helltides can (and will) occur anywhere in the world of Sanctuary. Slaying enemies in these blasted zones will reward players with Aberrant Cinders, a resource which can be used to unlock special chests guarded by powerful foes. Dying while in a Helltide will cause you to lose all of your Abberant Cinders, making this a risky undertaking not for the faint of heart.

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