10. Cult of the Lamb (PS5)

Cult of the Lamb is an ingenious blend of rogue-lite action and life sim that's devilishly addictive. Indebted to an imprisoned, malevolent god, you spend half the game vanquishing foes, gathering resources, and rescuing animals. Then, things flip, and your time turns to building up a cult with various buildings and structures. There's an element of strategy to this half of the game, but it's generally pretty breezy, while the action is nice and snappy. Both sides of Cult of the Lamb feed wonderfully into each other, and combined with the cute cartoon visuals, it's an incredibly fun, dangerously moreish treat.

9. The Light Brigade (PS5)

Roguelikes may be dime a dozen, but they’re less commonplace in virtual reality. The Light Brigade proves that the format can work with PSVR2 to excellent effect, and while it does little to reinvent the genre’s well-worn wheel, it instead focuses on executing all of its ideas to an exemplary standard. The result is an almost immaculate shooter, with stunning gameplay and an outstanding reward loop.

8. Toem (PS5)

Toem takes the idea of a game about photography and twists it into something unique. Framed as a cutesy, top-down adventure game, you play as a young explorer on a pilgrimage to the mountaintop, snapping photos along the way. You can whip out your camera at any point, and the game swaps to first-person, giving you a new perspective on the black-and-white world. Helping out a colourful cast of characters, discovering all sorts of cool secrets, and solving imaginative puzzles mean this short but sweet indie game stands out.

7. Kena: Bridge of Spirits (PS5)

This is the debut game from developer Ember Lab, and it's a strong first effort. Kena: Bridge of Spirits gets top marks for its animation and visual flair, but it's also a very enjoyable action platformer. It puts us in mind of PS2 classics such as Jak & Daxter; you're traversing a sort-of open world environment, collecting things, solving puzzles, and engaging in simple yet surprisingly challenging combat. Those lovable Rot creatures and some tricky boss battles further cement this as a cult hit.

6. Death's Door (PS5)

Death's Door isn't doing anything particularly original, but everything presented here is just so well crafted. The game is an isometric action adventure, starring you as a reaper crow who must venture out and calm the lost souls that haunt the land. The world created here is a fascinating one, designed in an almost Dark Souls-like way; it intertwines with itself and pockmarks each area with baddies to fend off. The combat is straightforward but satisfying, and the presentation is really strong throughout. It might not break the mould, but this unassuming game puts its best talon forward.

5. Sifu (PS5)

Sifu is one of the most impressive tributes to martial arts that you'll find in gaming. An immaculately presented kung fu adventure, Sifu is a brutal test of reactions and skill, but in the pursuit of mastering its mechanics, you'll find an immensely rewarding experience. A superb action title if you're in the mood for a stiff challenge.

4. Disco Elysium: The Final Cut (PS5)

Disco Elysium stands as a truly great achievement in role-playing. Attempting to crack a dangerously suspicious murder case as an amnesiac cop, you're tasked with interrogating the locals while trying to work out just who the hell you're supposed to be. Engrossing from start to finish, Disco Elysium is built on a foundation of fantastic writing and brilliant characters, as you carve your own unique path through the atmospheric city of Revachol. Its methodical pace won't be for everyone, but if you're looking for a deep and brain-bending RPG, you won't find anything better on PS5.

3. Moss: Book II (PS5)

An early star of virtual reality was Moss, and this follow-up builds on those solid foundations. Moss: Book II continues the adventures of Quill, who now has access to multiple weapons to fend off enemies. They also play into the game's puzzles, which are larger in scope and more complex than the first game. It all looks wonderful too — the environments and character animations are gorgeous, and your unique perspective lets you get a really good look at these cutesy levels. It's not a massive departure from what came before, but this five-hour adventure is thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish.

2. Hades (PS5)

Bored of his immortal life in the Underworld, Zagreus takes it upon himself to escape the reaches of his godly father. In the brilliant roguelike Hades, you'll aid the prince in his attempts to reach the surface, engaging in countless runs through the ever-shifting realms. With each death comes plot development, however; a story is expertly interwoven with the gameplay loop, giving you a small taste of what each character has been up to before you dive back into the dungeons once more. With slick, fast-paced combat, an endless variety of perks and power-ups to try, and an escalating challenge for those that stick around, this is a fantastic action game that makes the most of its looping structure.

1. What Remains of Edith Finch (PS5)

What Remains of Edith Finch is a difficult game to talk about without spoiling what makes it special. It's a narrative-driven experience that only lasts a few hours, but it packs in so much inventive design and imaginative sequences that it will stick with you for longer than anything else. Playing as the titular Edith Finch, you return to her rickety, unusual family house and unearth what happened to everyone. It's emotional, surprising, characterful, and unique. Now also on PS5, there's no excuse to skip this excellent adventure.

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