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1 (Single Player)
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  • US 3rd Oct 2012, $0.99
  • EU 3rd Oct 2012, £0.79
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    Sword dance

    A samurai swiping down monsters in time to a beat – why, it sounds just like a mini-game in Nintendo's Rhythm Heaven series. Samurai Beatdown's endless runner-style approach differs, however, as your noble warrior dashes through brightly coloured, detailed environments that benefit immensely from the PlayStation Vita's screen. Both...

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Samurai Beatdown Screenshot
Samurai Beatdown Screenshot
Samurai Beatdown Screenshot

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About The Game

Samurai Beatdown is a scrolling slash-em-up with rhythm action gameplay.

Running through vibrant landscapes, defend yourself from vicious foes front and back by tapping in time to the music. Build up special combos and unleash frenzy mode to annihilate your enemies, bringing your sword to bear against an onslaught of assassins, brutes and flying creatures. Let nothing stand in your way…