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Laughing Jackal


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PlayStation Minis

  • US 6th Dec 2011, $3.49
  • EU 7th Dec 2011, £2.49
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Wii U eShop, Xbox One

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  • Review Orbit (PlayStation Minis)

    As with all of Laughing Jackal's releases, Orbit is easy to pick up but impossible to put down

    Laughing Jackal is the master of carrot dangling. Its previous PlayStation Mini — the gloriously stylish OMG-Z — hooked you into its underlying "one more go" philosophy by rewarding you with new upgrades at every opportunity. The British...

About The Game

Orbit is an extraterrestrial and far more developed take on the classic and hugely popular Chopper-style dodging games, only with an emphasis on getting as far as you can with limited fuel.

The catch here is that your team has no money and you begin your adventures with very limited aeronautical abilities. All of this action is set against the awe inspiring back-drop of the planets of our solar system.