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@Kidfried I can understand that from their angle. I suppose it doesn’t have be active all the time but could be a good shout to (cautiously) revive one? Like you say it’s a nice way to stay in touch, a few of us have already done it on various levels for boosting 👍


@Kidfried After all that I did watch it live!

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Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.

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@AgentCooper @RogerRoger @ralphdibny @Thrillho @Kidfried Hey guys, I thought I would give you a little life update since you all so kindly reached out to my original post.

First off I'm in a much better mental state now, though it's took me awhile to find some courage to talk to you an opinion on a gaming news story? No problem. Talking about my mental health problems? Not so easy lol.

It was a good number of weeks before I read your replies because after posting I was worried I'd get a bunch of dismissive or judgemental messages, so I'm sorry for not giving you guys the benefit of the doubt.
I was left in tears reading your messages, I couldn't believe how kind, thoughtful and relatable your words were. It really made it worthwhile to open up if only to a handful of people. It's not something I'm going to forget in a long time.

As for the situation with the Doctors, well I took the appointment like I said previously and she referred me to a specialist. Funnily enough I missed a call from them today so will need to contact them tomorrow.
Ultimately I just wanted to thank you all for your kind words, you have no idea how much that meant to me, I had a hunch that the PS forums was the best place I knew to speak out and you guys proved me more then right.




@AdamNovice Youre alright!

It shouldn't, but sometimes it can feel like you need a lot of courage to tell people how you're doing or feeling. I backspaced many a post over the years here.

Thanks for the update, it's good to know you're doing better, improving. (And even if you weren't, you'd be welcome sharing that too.)

By the way, I always like your contributions on the site. They are very sensible!



@AdamNovice Glad you are feeling better, and sounds like you have taken the right steps! Hopefully it works out for you! 🙌

Life is more fun when you help people succeed, instead of wishing them to fail.

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.

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@AdamNovice Really appreciate the update, buddy. Been wondering how you've been holding up. Am glad you're doing better than you were! That's excellent news!

Don't worry, though, I totally get the courage thing. Never feel obligated to return and reply. Focus on doing what's right for you, one step at a time, and don't let people make you think that you should be doing something if said thing makes you uncomfortable.

And when I say "people" I'm including your own inner monologue! Be kind to yourself, above all else.

Best of luck with the specialist, as and when! You got this!

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@AdamNovice Great to hear things are going better for you and that you’re hopefully on the path to getting a formal diagnosis and the support that might offer.

And to echo what others have said, this little corner of a corner of the internet is a pretty welcoming place so there’s no problem posting stuff like this. Sometimes the anonymity of posting online can be useful, as can the process of sitting down and just typing out your thoughts/problems, even if you don’t even post them in the end.

Getting the whole process going is the hardest part so I just hope it all works out for you!



Sometimes I wonder if the Disco Elysium designers have visited my neighbourhood or if I just live next to a very typical European plaza - obviously it's the latter.

On Wednesday I do a short stroll to a sandwich shop around the corner. It's around the corner. On the corner there is this plaza, King's Square is its name.

The plaza used to have a statue of a former king (don't ask which), that was destroyed at some point in the past century. For a while there was an empty plinth, but ten years ago they placed a new statue. Not of a king this time, but of a court jester. It is to commemorate the place's history, relating it to the Royal family, but it's also a sign of rebellion against it... just like the friggin' horse in Disco Elysium.

Now when I walk by there on Wednesday, there will even be old people playing Jeu des Boules and I imagine they are reminiscing about the old days, but who knows what they are talking about.

It's one of the reasons why I love Disco Elysium so much. It's just so easy to connect with that world, even though Revachol is fictional, because there are so many similarities between it and the Europe I grew up in. There are not enough games like it!

Sorry for the random anecdote.



@Kidfried 😄 I love those kind of anecdotes about peoples’ real lives. It also reminds me to play Disco Elysium.
I won’t be able to relate because the towns and settings I’ve lived in are nothing like what you’ve described. For me I feel more like I’m at home playing games like The Last of Us or Spider-Man.

It’s fun to sometimes play a game designed like on a real place you’ve visited or live in, but I love how gaming lets me experience places like Europe, Japan, or Africa where I simply can’t visit easily. Not to mention places like Ancient Egypt or futuristic space stations which are impossible to visit! 😄

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@Th3solution It was funny when I went to Boston on my honeymoon as there were plenty of places I remembered from Fallout 4, even though it had been quite a while since I had played it.

And I enjoyed the anecdote @Kidfried. It's just a shame to hear how much of a mess the studio that made the game is in now.


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