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I down loaded The Council, love the game. Now one of my favorites on the PS4. It’s quite fun from what I I have played so far.

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Just picked up Huntdown (came out today) - a couple of levels in, this is great! Perfect follow up after Streets of Rage 4. @themcnoisy I think you’d like this one, check it out!


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@kyleforrester87 looks great. Ive played so many small games in a short space of time recently I'm gamed out!

May try to scrape a few Trophies off my backlog. And then play FF12 remaster. Then look back at the indie scene.

Does look good though, there was a game on a 16 bit computer were you can duck behind cover and in doorways in this style
, can't for the life of me remember the name and that was very difficult.

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@Ralizah How would you describe the Danganronpa games? Are they RPGs?

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@Draco_V_Ecliptic No. They're adventure games in the vein of Zero Escape or the Ace Attorney games.

I'll lay out the structure of the mainline games without specific spoilers for you.

You know the basic premise, right? Especially talented high school students are trapped in an environment like a facility or an island by a homocidal bear robot named Monokuma, who pushes the students to start killing one-another by promising to allow the murderer to escape if they can successfully evade being fingered for the crime.

You play as one of the trapped students, and gameplay is segmented into three phases within the mainline games.

In the exploration phases, you are able to explore the environment you're trapped in, talk to other students trapped in the facility/island/etc. with you and spend time with them (forming bonds with other students allows them to open up to you, and can unlock equippable skills that happen during trial gameplay). If you've ever played a Persona game, you might compare these relationship building sequences to the Social Links from those games. These sections are also home to visual novel segments where characters are talking to one-another and forwarding the plot.

After a murder is discovered, this phase ends, and you enter an investigation phase. If you're ever played an Ace Attorney game, you know what to expect. You visit areas connected to the murder and examine the environment for clues and evidence to use later on when you're trying to find the murderer.

The third phase is when you begin a class trial. In class trials, the characters will attempt to walk through the crime and use logic and evidence to discover who the culprit is (which is important, because one person participating in the trial is going to be the murderer and will attempt to fool everyone else). The general gameplay here is similar to Ace Attorney trials, where you'll scroll through a series of statements from other classmates and try to find something that either contradicts or corroborates existing evidence.

The trial sections are also home to a variety of minigames which you'll have to complete to advance further into the trial.

I mentioned skills. There are a number of gameplay elements to the trials I haven't really touched on, but skills can be unlocked throughout the game and equipped to your character, and these provide a variety of effects that alter the gameplay.

The appeal of the games are in the extensive world-building, vibrant characterizations, fun mystery writing, engaging trial gameplay, fantastic music/art design, and unexpected twists and turns that crop up throughout the games' stories. I want to emphasize that, despite the exploitation film sound of the description I provided, there's a lot to love here for people who enjoy speculative fiction.

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@KratosMD Myself and Foxy have both played it. It’s fine for what it is. The controls can be a bit of a nightmare at times but it’s a fun game still and a relatively easy platinum if that’s your kind of thing.



Won't be playing them straight away (Xenoblade Chronicles), but I just got Days Gone and Death Stranding which were £13.99 and £21.99 respectively from Argos. It will be interesting giving them a whirl.



@MS7000 good shout been looking for Days Gone on the cheap, gunna order that now. But I’m really feeling it on Xenoblade right now too, so it’ll have to wait.


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Used the remaining $5 that was in my US account to buy it.

Played a little of it yesterday. Thank goodness there's a save system in it (and even quicksaves) instead of having to fiddle about with the passwords. Atmosphere of it feels quite different compared to the standard Doom/Doom 2

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I finally got Resident Evil VII as it went below £10 in the Days of Play sale. I've always been put off by the first-person viewpoint and that the enemies seemed quite a departure for the series. Still I've always been curious and I'll see how I get on with it, especially if this is how they are going to take the series on.


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@BearsEatBeets I personally preferred it to REmake 2 as it is more physiological horror than the other games. If you've played stuff like Alien Isolation, it is that kind of thing. Hope they keep the first person perspective for the eighth game as I found it way more immersive and effective than being in third person.

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@BearsEatBeets To me, it's way closer to the original RE than any other RE game. Many disliked the enemies, but they acytually act like zombies should do! Did you get the vanilla or the goty edition?

Praise the Sun, and Mario too.

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@JohnnyShoulder Good to know as I enjoyed Alien Isolation but that was mostly due to my love of the film. I personally prefer third-person but can understand that first can sometimes work better for a game. @andreoni79 that sounds promising. I'm not entirely sure but I'm guessing by the price it was vanilla, I'd have to check.


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@BearsEatBeets I loved Resi VII, I played it after REmake 2 but probably liked them equally. The first-person perspective really suits it despite it being quite a traditional game at heart.

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@Foxy-Goddess-Scotchy Will be interested to read what you make of DOOM 64 the more you play, as both @Ralizah and I seemed to be in near-universal agreement when we both played it recently.

Hope you enjoy! I'm toying with the idea of starting DOOM 3 myself, so it must be the week for it.

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I recently bought Valfaris and Monster boy: The Dragons Trap for some old school style fun.

I think I'm going to slap that pre order down on Tlou2, just bought a 4TB hdd as I'm now struggling to fit stuff on the console itself and the 2TB hdd. Fingers crossed I'll be able to plug them into PS5!



Finally got Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Remastered. Remember playing this masterpiece as a kid and getting a heartbreak when a certain ***** decided to shoot my favorite boy. Favorite Call of Duty game up to this day and nothing changes that.



@MightyDemon82 If you are thinking of trying to use two external drives for extended storage at the same time, then unfortunately that is not possible. This came up earlier today in fact.

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We are now in a world of people being offended for other people who they think should be offended, who arent offended.

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