Welcome to 2024, everyone! With our Game of the Year coverage just about wrapped up, we've put together this handy article in which we're going to recap all of 2023's winners. Indeed, it's time to put that last 12 months behind us and look ahead to what should be another exciting year for PlayStation fans.

Without further ado, here are our official top 10 games of 2023, as voted primarily by Push Square staff, but community votes are also taken into account:

Alongside our top 10, we also dished out individual 'Best' awards:

And of course, we always round things off with our community Game of the Year, as voted by all readers of the site:

We hope you enjoyed reading all of our Game of the Year coverage for 2023 — even if you didn't agree with the rankings! Thanks for following along, and let's hope that 2024's offerings are every bit as good, if not better.