Game of the Year: Best PSVR2 Game of 2023 1

Our Game of the Year coverage continues with the Best PSVR2 Game of 2023, of which a top four has been put together by the Push Square editorial team. Following its launch at the start of the year, we're celebrating the very best PSVR2 games for the first time in our Game of the Year deliberations. These are the titles we think were best this year.

Bronze Trophy: Arizona Sunshine 2

Game of the Year: Best PSVR2 Game of 2023 2

We've likely killed millions of zombies in games across the years, but it’s never been more satisfying than in Arizona Sunshine 2. This ambitious sequel upped the ante with crisper graphics, squelch-ier gore, and a far improved gunplay experience — helped in part with the power of the PSVR2. The new reload mechanic is endlessly entertaining and the shooting is finely tuned, both of which can make you feel like a complete badass or leave you cracking under the pressure. With a full campaign and an endless Horde Mode to enjoy, we suspect we’ll be popping headshots in these dusty VR planes for quite some time.

Silver Trophy: Pavlov VR

Game of the Year: Best PSVR2 Game of 2023 3

Keen to jump into some online VR lobbies? Look no further than Pavlov VR. This explosive shooter isn't the prettiest game out there, but with a fantastic feel to gunplay and its realistic reload mechanic, it already has a fun base. What takes it even further is the plethora of online modes available, ranging from regular deathmatches to a full-on zombies mode. However, the cream of the crop for us is TTK: an Among Us-like guaranteed to leave you in stitches. It’s a mode where everything from your body language to the confidence in your voice can be used against you. For VR enthusiasts, it’s a must-play.

Gold Trophy: Gran Turismo 7

Game of the Year: Best PSVR2 Game of 2023 4

Practically feel the wind in your hair as Gran Turismo 7 puts you in the driver's seat of the world's fastest cars for a PSVR2 experience like no other. Having successfully made the whole game work inside Sony's latest headset, the realistic racer out of Polyphony Digital replicates the twists and bends of a race track all while you witness the action right in front of you in first-person. It's intense, exciting, and excellent.

Platinum Trophy: Resident Evil Village

Game of the Year: Best PSVR2 Game of 2023 5

Capcom's support of Sony's virtual reality headsets has been nothing short of outstanding, and its effort to translate our 2021 Game of the Year to work on PSVR2 is its latest triumph. This is the entire single player campaign adapted for VR, taking advantage of the new Sense controllers to replicate the daring adventure of Ethan Winters in a remote European village. Turning the tension up to 11, Resident Evil Village is an even more terrifying ordeal in VR, demonstrating the leg up it can give to experiences made for flat screens.

Honourable Mentions: Before Your Eyes, Horizon Call of the Mountain, Red Matter 2, Rez Infinite, and Tetris Effect.

What was your favourite PSVR2 game of 2023? Place a vote in our poll and then explain your personal pick in the comments below. For further Game of the Year coverage, click the link.

What was your favourite PSVR2 game of 2023? (674 votes)

  1. Arizona Sunshine 23%
  2. Before Your Eyes1%
  3. Gran Turismo 734%
  4. Horizon Call of the Mountain17%
  5. Pavlov VR3%
  6. Red Matter 25%
  7. Resident Evil Village20%
  8. Rez Infinite1%
  9. Tetris Effect2%
  10. Other15%