Game of the Year: #1 - Marvel's Spider-Man 2 1
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This year has been so stacked with brilliant games of all shapes and sizes, and so our number one Game of the Year slot was never a total certainty. As it so happened, the race for first place was incredibly close, with just one point in it, and the two games vying for victory couldn't be more different. Ultimately, though, the big, shiny crowd-pleaser won — Marvel's Spider-Man 2 is our 2023 Game of the Year.

It's not hard to understand why, either. Insomniac Games had an incredibly strong foundation to build from with two previous web head adventures under its belt, and this mighty sequel confidently surpasses them. The traversal was already great, but here it's superb, with the web swinging sped up and fluidly merged with the incredibly satisfying web wings. The city is a bigger, better, and more alive open world with much improved side missions. Combat is more manageable yet provides more options, with both Peter and Miles bringing something unique to the table. Practically everything has been buffed and polished to make one of the year's glitziest games, one that the majority of participants in our voting procedure awarded some points. In fact, it was the most commonly voted-for game on our shortlist.

It's peak PlayStation first-party coming from one of PS Studios' best developers. The direction, writing, and story all easily rivals what we see in the cinema, providing the perfect level of popcorn pomp. The narrative makes meaningful developments for our dual protagonists and their loved ones, setting up for what's likely to be an explosive third mainline entry. Basically, if you like Spider-Man, Sony's first-party titles, or both, Marvel's Spider-Man 2 hits every nail squarely on the head.

While there's a very valid argument that it's essentially more of what came before, it iterates on the earlier games to the point where it'd now be hard to go back to them. It might not be a revolution, but every part of this superhero action adventure has been elevated to the nth degree. When it comes to mass appeal and sheer fun factor, Marvel's Spider-Man 2 can't be topped.

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