Game of the Year: #7 - Lies of P 1
Image: Push Square

Lies of P is one of 2023's most pleasant surprises. It's a twisted take on the classic tale of Pinnochio, incorporating elements made famous by FromSoftware's Dark Souls series. Korean newcomer Neowiz Games knocked it out of the park with its debut, delivering some competent competition and the closest thing to a Bloodborne successor we've seen to date.

With combat mechanics polished to a brilliant sheen, memorable and multi-stage boss encounters, and an interconnected, labyrinthine setting with the city of Krat, Lies of P adds its own twist with fresh mechanics. By combining the Blade of any weapon with the Handle of any other, players can craft hideous armaments tailored to their specific needs, and Legion Arms offer additional utility. The Lie system lets players influence the game's events by deceiving or telling the truth to NPCs, affecting the endings they receive, and adding to the sense of atmosphere.

With perhaps the most bonkers post-credits sequel tease we've ever seen, Lies of P leaves a lot to recommend; a must-play for fans of action games inspired by the FromSoft formula, and an impressive opening salvo from Neowiz. We can't wait for what comes next.

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