Game of the Year: Best PS5, PS4 RPG of 2023 1

Our Game of the Year coverage continues with the Best PS5, PS4 RPG of 2023, of which a top four has been put together by the Push Square editorial team. This category is all about celebrating role-playing games and what they bring to the table from a story and gameplay perspective. The titles below will marry the two elements together to create an amazing, engaging experience from start to end.

Bronze Trophy: Trails into Reverie

Game of the Year: Best PS5, PS4 RPG of 2023 2

We still think Falcom's mad for weaving such a huge, overarching narrative through ten different Trails titles, but so much of the developer's hard work pays off in a game like Trails into Reverie. While the core plot feels a bit like something you'd find in a spinoff, the three-pronged storytelling works surprisingly well, as a colossal cast of new and returning characters band together to protect their world. Indeed, the sheer number of playable heroes gives the turn-based combat so much depth, and the dynamic Reverie Corridor dungeon is a joy to grind through.

Silver Trophy: Lies of P

Game of the Year: Best PS5, PS4 RPG of 2023 3

So much more than just a Dark Souls clone, the fantastic Lies of P from Round8 Studio is one of 2023's best surprises. Using the FromSoftware formula as a basis and then branching out with its own ideas — particularly in combat — the game continually delights with unexpected enemies, weapons, and environments. The usual Souls-like levelling system allows you to focus on the elements you enjoy most, while New Game+ runs feel rewarding. This has to be the best Souls game not created by FromSoftware.

Gold Trophy: Final Fantasy XVI

Game of the Year: Best PS5, PS4 RPG of 2023 4

After the many ups and downs of Final Fantasy XV, Square Enix adopted a much more focused approach when crafting its successor. Final Fantasy XVI is full-on action RPG with a heavy emphasis on eye-popping boss fights and a darker narrative tone. The tale of gruff protagonist Clive Rosfield is an emotionally-charged epic, and the adventure is peppered with some of the most memorable gaming moments of 2023. But perhaps most importantly, it feels like this sixteenth instalment has put Final Fantasy back on the map.

Platinum Trophy: Baldur's Gate 3

Game of the Year: Best PS5, PS4 RPG of 2023 5

What else could be our number one RPG of 2023? Baldur's Gate 3 is a generational game — a release that elevates its genre and sets new standards. In terms of design, it's without a doubt one of the most impressive games we've played in years, offering an almost unprecedented degree of player freedom both in and out of combat. And as if that wasn't enough, the main cast is fantastic, the role-playing options are shockingly in-depth, and the sense of adventure is intoxicating. Simply put. it's one of the best RPGs that money can buy — and it'll go down in gaming history as a masterpiece.

Honourable Mentions: Diablo IV, Octopath Traveler II, Sea of Stars, and Trails to Azure.

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What was your favourite PS5, PS4 RPG of 2023? (568 votes)

  1. Baldur's Gate 338%
  2. Diablo IV5%
  3. Final Fantasy XVI31%
  4. Lies of P5%
  5. Octopath Traveler II6%
  6. Sea of Stars5%
  7. Trails into Reverie4%
  8. Trails to Azure1%
  9. Other5%