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  • News Need for Speed Payback Has the Dumbest Pre-Order Bonus

    Holy smokes

    Exclusive platinum blue tire smoke. That’s what you’ll get if you pre-order forthcoming Fast & Furious-inspired racer Need for Speed Payback from Australian retailer EB Games – and practically any other store. You’ll also get the Platinum Car Pack, of course – which comprises five exclusive vehicles including the Dodge...



  • News Need for Speed 2017 Will Be Playable Entirely Offline

    Expect customisation and cop chases

    The last Need for Speed game wasn’t great, was it? Bizarrely, we enjoyed the 90s-inspired FMV cut-scenes and silly storyline, but the actual racing itself fell flat for us: the open world was forgettable, the driving was bland, and the always-online aspect was a source of strong criticism for some. In fact, so...



  • News You'll Feel the Need for Speed on PS4 Again in 2017

    Gimme some skin

    Who would have thought that last year's Need for Speed game would be best remembered for its live action cut-scenes rather than its coma-inducing racing? Swedish developer Ghost Games got off to a decent start with Need for Speed: Rivals, but its attempt at rebooting the iconic franchise barely got out of first gear. We're pleased...


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    Review Need for Speed

    Asleep at the wheel

    For a game that's so high on Monster energy drinks, Need for Speed sure could do with a sugar rush. Ghost Games' long-awaited reboot – which was constructed over the course of a two year development cycle – is a slow and turgid affair, which is in direct contrast to its hyperactive cast of characters. It's frustrating because...

  • First Impressions Need for Speed Fails to Hit First Gear on PS4


    When you're forced to recycle old subtitles, you know that it's time that your brand got a reboot. EA Games' long running Need for Speed series has been securing podium finishes for almost as long as we can remember, but despite there being a movie in the interim, the publisher resisted the temptation to churn out a 2014 sequel to PlayStation 4...

  • Round Up Need for Speed PS4 Reviews Apply the Hand Brake

    Not so good, bruh

    It doesn't really feel like there's a new Need for Speed coming out. While racing games have certainly declined in popularity, this franchise used to cause fervour among fans – but Ghost Games' latest has barely hit second gear yet. The reviews aren't going to help much, as while the response has been solid, it's not exactly...


  • News Need for Speed PS4 Leaves Microtransactions in the Showroom

    Free content updates planned instead

    Need for Speed – the abruptly named PlayStation 4 racing reboot coming this year from Ghost Games – has run over the concept of microtransactions, squashing them and leaving them by the side of the ride. Ill conceived criminal terminology aside, the developer has stated that it wants to keep its upcoming...

  • News Drive Sideways with New Need for Speed PS4 Trailer

    Speed freak

    We've already established that Need for Speed's cringe-worthy live action cut-scenes look amazing, but what about the actual game itself? EA Games has released a new trailer showcasing the forthcoming PlayStation 4 racer, and much like a pre-release Rockstar video, it focuses on all of the activities that you'll be getting up to behind...



  • E3 2015 New Need for Speed Shakes the Cops on PS4 This November

    Whoop, whoop, sound of da' police

    Earlier this year we got our first look at the new Need for Speed; today we got to see the game in action during EA's E3 press conference. The mega-publisher displayed a couple of minutes of in-game action where we got to see the funky new drifting mechanic during a high-speed police pursuit - it all looked very...






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    Review Need for Speed: Rivals

    Cops 'n' racers

    Need for Speed: Rivals rarely wants you to take your foot off the accelerator. Swedish upstart Ghost Games’ debut arcade racer fuses the fast-paced police chases popularised by Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit with the open world pandemonium of Need for Speed: Most Wanted, and serves up an emergent online experience that ensures that...