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    Review Knack

    Old-school platformer, new-school technology

    Republished on Wednesday 31st January 2018: We're bringing this review back from the archives following the announcement of February's PlayStation Plus lineup. The original text follows. Way back in February of this year, millions of viewers around the world witnessed the reveal of...

  • News Sony's Launching Two New PS4 Controller Colours in Europe Next Month

    Cool customers

    Sony has announced that it'll be launching two new DualShock 4 controller colours here in Europe next month. From the 7th March, you'll be able to get your hands on the Midnight Blue DualShock 4, and the Steel Black DualShock 4. The latter's actually been around for a while, but this will obviously be the updated version of the...

  • News Persona 5 is Less Than Half Price on EU PS Store This Week

    Call of Duty: WWII discounted too

    Atlus' universally acclaimed RPG, Persona 5, is the European PlayStation Store's latest Deal of the Week. If you've yet to play our 2017 Game of the Year, the standard version has been reduced to £24.99 - a saving of 54%. Additionally, Call of Duty: WWII is on offer to coincide with the release of its new DLC,...

  • News European PS Plus Deal Offers Far Cry 4 Free With 12 Month Subscription

    Free Kyrat

    We should have official word on February's PlayStation Plus games tomorrow, but as of right now, you can pick up Ubisoft's Far Cry 4 for free - that is, if you purchase a year's subscription to Sony's service. There are a couple of important things to note before you get too excited; this appears to only be available in Europe, and it...

  • News PSN Down Again as Sony Acknowledges Widespread Issues


    The PlayStation Network isn't having the best of weekends, is it? Connection errors began on Friday, but Sony sorted things out quite quickly. Unfortunately, the network is now struggling again -- and has been for most of the day. Users are reporting sign in issues and interrupted online functionality. Sony has acknowledged the problems via...

  • Talking Point What Free February 2018 PS Plus Games Do You Want?

    When will Feb 2018's PlayStation Plus lineup be revealed?

    What’s the February 2018 PlayStation Plus lineup, then? It’s the question on everyone’s lips as we sprint towards the end of another month. And when will the latest PS Plus update even be announced? It’s a good question, as January happens to be one of those awkward months where it...

  • News Did Sony Just Patent a Next-Gen PSVR Controller?

    A sign of the future

    PlayStation VR is an amazing piece of technology, but as time goes on, the PlayStation Move is starting to reveal itself as something of a weak link. Sony was right to recycle the PlayStation 3 motion wand and it’s more than adequate for the job, but compared to the superior Oculus Touch controllers it’s not quite up to...

  • News Want to Play Days Gone? Sony Bend Searching for User Testers

    Freakin' freakers

    Days Gone is on track for a 2018 release, but developer Sony Bend wants your feedback first. The Oregon-based outfit is appealing to local fans to come and try out the PlayStation 4 exclusive. Presumably, those accepted into the sessions will have to sign an NDA, but this could be your chance to go hands on with the title before...

  • News Detroit: Become Human Doubles Down on Spring Release Date

    Paranoid android

    As one PlayStation 4 exclusive release date saga comes to a conclusion, so begins another: Quantic Dream has doubled down on Detroit: Become Human’s spring launch window. The French developer’s been saying that the androids-against-ordinary-folk adventure will launch in the spring for some time, but it reconfirmed the target in...

  • News God of War Artist Rubbishes Downgrade Claims

    The Internet's being stupid again

    God of War is comfortably shaping up to be one of the visual treats of 2018, but that hasn’t stopped some forum frequenters to claim that the graphics have been downgraded. The criticism stems from a scene in the latest trailer, which is identical to the area shown at E3 2016. In the trailer, the location is...

  • News Death Stranding Is Mind Blowing, Says Star Norman Reedus

    Exclusive is ahead of its time

    Looks like legendary director Hideo Kojima is about to rip up the rule book yet again, as Norman Reedus has been eulogising Death Stranding on a recent B&H Photography podcast. As reported by Metal Gear Informer, the actor described the PlayStation 4 exclusive as “mind blowing”, and hinted that t

  • News Leaked PS Plus Lineup Looks Too Good to Be True

    And is obviously a fake

    Whenever you see a “leaked” PlayStation Plus lineup that looks too good to be true, we recommend approaching with caution. Take this image that’s been showing up in our Twitter timeline a lot these past few days: it seems to suggest that Far Cry 4 and Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin will be the headline...

  • News Free Gran Turismo Sport Update Adds Cars, Tracks, and Bonus Campaigns

    Monza hunter

    Well, if Gran Turismo Sport continues like this, those criticisms levelled at the lack of content under the simulation racer’s hood are going to look very silly indeed, aren’t they? Polyphony Digital has detailed the next big update for the popular PlayStation 4 exclusive, and it spans more than just cars, as starting 26th January...

  • News Shadow of the Colossus Vinyl Soundtrack Revealed

    Plus, an interview with the composer

    Team ICO's Shadow of the Colossus has one of PlayStation's greatest soundtracks. The music is as much a part of the experience as anything else; the soaring, heroic music that plays as you grip a colossus' fur for dear life just makes the game that much more memorable. It was only a matter of time before...

  • News New US PS Store Sale Focuses on PlayStation Essentials

    What'll ya have?

    Following on from the last flash sale, Sony has brought another set of savings to the US PlayStation Store. Calling it the PlayStation Essentials sale, there are a lot of games big and small in the offer across PS4, PS3 and Vita. You're treated to savings of up to 50% (or 60%, if you're a PS Plus member). Some PS4 highlights...

  • News PSN Engineers Working to Resolve Hiccups

    Some functionality on PS4 affected

    Looks like the impending release of Monster Hunter: World and the opening of God of War pre-orders has temporarily pulled the PlayStation Network to its knees, as outages are being reported in some territories. Sony, to its credit, has already issued an update stating that engineers are on the case and working to...

  • News God of War PS4 Release Date Finally Confirmed, New Trailer Released

    Sony spills the beans

    We feel like we've been reporting for far too long on supposed release dates for the new God of War, but we at last have confirmation from Sony itself. Santa Monica's Norse-flavoured action adventure will release on 20th April 2018. It seems that cheeky Amazon page outed the real date after all. Writing on the

  • Talking Point Could Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass Model Work on PS4?

    Disruptive business strategy could change games forever

    At a time where Bethesda is putting out commercials to celebrate single player games, a new business model from Microsoft threatens to disrupt the industry as we know it today. The Redmond firm has announced an update to its Xbox Game Pass subscription service, which will see all of its...

  • News PS4 Hacked Enabling Wider PS2 Support, Homebrew

    Exploit only available on older firmware

    Homebrew has finally arrived on the PlayStation 4, but you’ll need a console still running 4.05 to take advantage of it. Sony patched this version of the system software all the way back in November 2016, so you’ll be passing up your connection to the PlayStation Network in order to run emulated NES games...

  • News The Inpatient's Controls Explained with DualShock 4 and PS Move

    Which control scheme works best?

    Like most PlayStation VR games, The Inpatient’s control scheme is a point of interest because it can be played with either the DualShock 4 or a pair of PlayStation Move wands. But what’s the best option? And how does it work? Things are fairly straightforward with the DualShock 4. You can move forward and...

  • News Amazon Lists God of War PS4 Collector's Edition for April

    When is this game actually releasing?

    It really feels like Sony should announce the release date for God of War sharpish, as rumours are sprouting out of all corners of the internet. Another retail listing, this time on, shows a Collector's Edition for $129.99, but there are currently no further details. With GameStop listing the massive...

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