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  • News Sony Unfazed by Isolated Instances of Faulty PS4 Consoles

    Failure rate within expectations

    While there was widespread hysteria yesterday when a batch of early PlayStation 4 consoles bricked, last night’s North American launch hasn’t exactly brought a glut of bad news. That’s because it seems that, aside from a few isolated cases, the next generation console is pretty well built – and the platform...

  • Out Today PlayStation 4 Paints North America Blue

    Tears of joy

    We’re running out of ways to say that the PlayStation 4 has launched, so let’s skip over the awkward introductions and get straight to the point: the next generation has finally arrived. It’s been a rollercoaster year filled to the brim with policy reversals, rumours, and more Talking Points than we care to count, but that’s all...

  • News You'll Want to Rip These Tearaway Bundles Off Store Shelves

    They'll tear a hole in your wallet

    Sony has today announced these fantastic European PlayStation Vita bundles that are set to include Media Molecule's upcoming papercraft title Tearaway. The first package features a Wi-Fi Vita model and the whimsical platformer. Bundle number two also contains the same handheld model, as well as a voucher to...

  • News Don't Worry, Sony Believes Defective PS4s Are Isolated Incidents

    Keep calm and remain hyped

    In the aftermath of Microsoft’s red ring of death blunder, there’s more than a little anxiety surrounding the build quality of the impending PlayStation 4. Unfortunately, it’s an inevitability that electronics will fail, and following reports of broken consoles overnight, Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei...

  • News This inFAMOUS: Second Son PS4 Bundle Will Bring You Good Karma


    One of the more highly anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusives is undoubtedly Sucker Punch's open world action – and angst simulation – game inFAMOUS: Second Son. The upcoming sequel sees good-for-nothing graffiti artist Delsin Rowe battling against the totalitarian DUP, as well as some other nasty conduits. And from what we've seen so...

  • News Your 500GB PS4 Is Essentially a 400GB PS4


    It seems that you're going to have to keep a close eye on your storage space on the PlayStation 4 – just look at our recent reports on the large mandatory installs for next-gen games such as Call of Duty: Ghosts and Knack. With such huge installs, the black box's 500GB of internal storage is beginning to look smaller and smaller, and a...

  • News What Can You Use PS4 Voice Commands For?

    PlayStation, play Killzone: Shadow Fall

    Unlike the Xbox One, voice commands will be pretty limited on the PlayStation 4 – but that’s hardly surprising considering that the functionality was only announced a couple of months ago. Speaking as part of a press session in New York City earlier this week, the platform holder confirmed that you...

  • News Want to Know How Skilful You Are? PS4 Trophies Will Be Classified by Rarity


    Sony’s popular Trophy system has always been good at distinguishing different types of players. While other achievement systems plump up for a big fat score, PlayStation’s solution is able to separate the completionists from the samplers. However, the format’s set to get even more specific with the upcoming PlayStation 4, as it will...

  • News Tretton: We're Very Confident We're in Great Shape with PS4

    That's the spirit

    Sony has been bullish about a platform launch before – but with the PlayStation 3, that buoyancy felt phoned in. With its impending next generation console, however, there’s a swagger from its executives that seems believable – and Jack Tretton has furthered that in an interview on the eve of the PlayStation 4’s launch,...

  • News How Does the PS4 Deal with Those Massive Mandatory Installs?

    Largely painless

    There was an industry-wide panic attack when Call of Duty: Ghosts’ leaked PlayStation 4 box art revealed that you’ll need 49GB of hard-drive space in order to play the first-person shooter. Installs have been a blight on the PlayStation 3 for the entirety of its seven year lifespan, with some games seemingly taking longer to...

  • News Here's What the Inside of the PS4's Packaging Looks Like

    Hype levels rising

    The PlayStation 4 is only a few short days away, and if you thought that your hype levels were at their absolute peak, wait until you watch this recently released official unboxing video. Donning a pair of slightly bizarre leather gloves, Sony Worldwide Studios president – and all-around awesome guy – Shuhei Yoshida gives a...

  • News Received Your PS4 Early? Don't Worry, Sony Won't Ban You

    That's reassuring

    Microsoft may have attracted even more ire this weekend by banning a pre-release Xbox One, but Sony has confirmed that it won’t be following suit. In the Redmond-based manufacturer’s defence, it has said that it will reverse the block nearer to launch, but the Japanese giant has promised that you won’t have any similar issues...

  • News Wow, the PS4's Packaging Is Slimmer Than You Might Think

    Has a handle, too

    For a system packing as much power as the PlayStation 4, it’s impressive just how small its chassis actually is. The console’s svelte appearance is mimicked by its packaging, however, as these warehouse images indicate. With the system just over seven days away from release, retailers across North America are starting to...

  • News What Does the PS4 Look Like Outside of Its Beautiful Black Case?

    Not safe for work

    Phew, we can’t help but feel a little hot under the collar as we write this. Wired has posted an exclusive teardown of the PlayStation 4, which includes full commentary from Yasuhiro Ootori, the director of the mechanical engineering team responsible for constructing the next generation console. In the video found through...

  • News PS4 Makes a Song and Dance in Korea on 17th December

    Geez, geez

    Spare a thought for Japan, which is pretty much the only region not set to get the PlayStation 4 this year. Not content with deploying across the majority of the Western world, Sony has announced that the next generation console will arrive in South Korea on 17th December. Way back in September, the firm confirmed that Hong Kong,...

  • News PlayStation 3 Smashes 80 Million Worldwide Sales

    Like hotcakes

    Sony has announced in a press release today that, as of November 2nd, the PlayStation 3 has reached a total of over 80 million combined worldwide sales. That's right, our beloved black box has finally caught up to its competitor; the Xbox 360 reached this momentous milestone last month. Not content to rest on its 80 million laurels,...

  • News Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag PS4 Bundle Makes Prize Plunder

    Worth a real or two

    You may need a treasure map to track down a PlayStation 4 this Christmas, but should you locate an Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag bundle, we reckon that you’ll be sailing home a happy mariner. Sony has confirmed that it’s teamed up with Ubisoft to concoct a brand new hardware package, which includes a 500GB next...

  • News Greatness Approaches with Sony's Latest PS4 Hardware Trailer

    Days away

    If you’ve been following this site since Sony’s big PlayStation 4 unveiling back in February, then there’s a good chance that you already know everything that there is to know about the next generation console. That fact shouldn’t make this brand new hardware trailer any less exciting, though, as it takes you on a tour of the...

  • News Sony: PS4 Demand Surged Following Xbox One's Delay

    Company can't keep up

    Sony is struggling to keep up with demand for its impending next generation console. Despite increasing its internal estimates after an outrageously strong E3 showing earlier in the year, the company conceded that it may not be able provide everyone with a system this Christmas – and


  • Rumour Call of Duty: Ghosts Will Command 49GB of Your PS4's Hard Drive

    Oh my Dog

    We all know that the Call of Duty franchise likes to break all sorts of mindboggling first day sales records, but this time around it seems to have its sights set on something a little bit different: it's gunning for the 'Largest Hard Drive Install for a PlayStation 4 Launch Title' gong. Yesterday, we brought you the news that Guerrilla...

  • News Racing Legend Ayrton Senna Pulls into Gran Turismo 6's Pit Lane

    Sony pledging significant donation to superstar's charity

    Brazilian racing icon Ayrton Senna may have been inexplicably absent from F1 2013, but he will appear in Gran Turismo 6 as part of a post-release update charting the life of the motorsport superstar. The snippet was appropriately announced during the Brazil Game Show earlier today, where...

  • News Sounds Like the PS4 Won't Make Too Much Noise

    Quiet as you like

    There's nothing worse than a noisy console when you're trying to absorb yourself in a movie or a game. While the PlayStation 3 has always been pretty quiet, many worried that its successor's slim line shell may result in some loud fans. Fortunately, initial tests are looking positive for Sony's next generation super machine...

  • News 500GB Not Enough? Here's How You Upgrade Your PS4's Hard Drive

    Making room

    If you’re planning to embrace the vaunted all-digital future, you may want to upgrade your PlayStation 4’s hard drive as soon as possible. While the system will ship with a meaty 500GB of pre-installed memory, rumours suggest that Blu-ray releases such as Killzone: Shadow Fall will occupy as much as 50GB, meaning that you may swiftly...

  • News Brazil, Get Ready to Hand Over $1,850 for a PlayStation 4 Next Month

    Ouch, that's got to hurt

    It's going to cost gamers in Brazil an arm and a leg to purchase the PlayStation 4 when it launches in the region. Well, not literally an arm and a leg, but the system will cost a whopping 3,999 Brazilian reais, which approximately converts to a staggering $1,850 / €1,368 / £1,150. This reminds us of the hefty price tag...

  • News Ripstone: PS4 Is As Quiet As a Mouse, As Powerful As a Lion

    As purrfect as a cat

    Everyone loves a simile, but Ripstone Games co-founder Phil Gaskell arguably enjoys them more than most. The Liverpool-based publisher – which has worked on titles such as Pure Chess and Knytt Underground – has just received its very first PlayStation 4 console, and the head honcho has a thing or two to say about the system...

  • News What If You've Pre-Ordered a Watch Dogs PS4 Bundle?

    Breathe slowly

    Watch Dogs’ unexpected delay may be a thorn in Sony’s promotional plans for the PlayStation 4, but it’s also a big concern for consumers who have pre-ordered the title as part of a meaty next generation bundle. Fortunately, both Amazon and GameStop have confirmed that customers in North America will

  • News Amazon UK Reduces PS4 Mega Bundle to Match Xbox One's Price

    Take the plunge

    Sony originally indicated that it intended to sell its recently announced PlayStation 4 Mega Bundle for the same price as the Xbox One, but that didn’t quite pad out in the end. Most retailers are currently carrying the UK package for around £449.99, which is a little more expensive than the Xbox One’s default £429.99 option...

  • News Sony Wanted PS4 to Look Like the Most Sophisticated Product It's Ever Created

    Great expectations

    We’ve spent a lot of time pondering the innards of the PlayStation 4, but not quite as long considering the external appearance of the console. Despite prompting a bit of a furore when it kept the shape of the box secret earlier in the year, Sony’s said very little about the actual look of the hardware since its

  • News Can't Wait for PS4? Ogle This Packaging to Pass the Time

    Add to basket

    Unbelievably, it’s almost here. The wait for the PlayStation 4 has felt like an eternity at times, but we’re now mere weeks away from the system being unleashed. With the ending line in sight, Sony is starting to shower the web with images of items that you can expect to find on store shelves come launch – and we figured that...

  • News Will Your PS3 Headset Work with PS4? That's Not Easy to Answer

    Pens and paper ready

    Do you remember mathematics exams? The questions would almost always include inane scenarios involving marbles and boiled sweets. They were designed to burn your brain as much as possible, and it looks like Sony’s aiming to give you a shot of high school nostalgia with its wireless headset compatibility policies for the...

  • News Expect Some Lengthy Lines Behind These PS4 Demo Pods

    "I want a go"

    The positioning of goods in retail stores has always fascinated us. There’s a psychology behind the way that are products are presented, and it looks like Sony’s aiming to obtain a very strong reaction with the PlayStation 4. Posting on its Facebook page earlier today, the German arm of SCEE revealed an image of a demo pod for its...

  • News Sony Reckons That $399 Is the 'Magic Price' for PS4

    It's hard to disagree, isn't it?

    PlayStation 4 pre-orders are staggeringly high. Back at GamesCom in August, manufacturer Sony announced that it had already accrued one million deposits for its next generation console – and Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter now believes that the number has surpassed 1.5 million. But what’s been the...

  • News Did You Pre-Order Your PS4 from Amazon UK? Check Your Emails

    Time to level up

    Specialist retailer GAME may have been quickest to contact customers about Sony’s recently announced PlayStation 4 bundles, but Amazon.co.uk is gradually catching up. The online megastore has started reaching out to those with pre-orders via email, offering several opportunities t

  • News This Is What Happens When You Unlock a Trophy on PS4


    Sometimes it’s the simple things that represent the most exciting aspects of a new console launch: the startup screen, the user interface, the Trophy unlock prompt, and so on. Fortunately, with the PlayStation 4’s release date fast approaching, you can experience the latt

  • News Pachter: PS4 Pre-Orders Have Reached 1.5 Million

    Flawless victory

    Remember when Sony boasted that it had garnered one million PlayStation 4 pre-orders at GamesCom earlier in the year? Industry analyst Michael Pachter believes that the current number is much stronger than that, and actually closer to 1.5 million. But while that’s undoubtedly positive news for the platform holder, the Wedbush...

  • News PlayStation 4's Packaging Is Way More Colourful in Japan

    Taste the rainbow

    Japan always gets better box art than Europe and North America, and the PlayStation 4’s colourful packaging is no exception to the rule. While the international wrapper has an air of royal class to it, the Eastern edition is just plain fun. It includes an oversized image of Knack on the front, and a rainbow pattern equivalent...

  • News Pre-Ordered a PS4? Here Are Your Bundle Options in the UK

    Because everyone loves a big box

    If you’ve already pre-ordered a PlayStation 4 in the UK, chances are you’ll have been contacted by your retailer of choice regarding one of several Sony sanctioned bundles. Unfortunately, the platform holder has been curiously vague about these packages in the public space, leaving it down to IGN to actually...

  • News Another Analyst Has Awarded PS4 the Christmas Console Crown

    Box to beat

    If the PlayStation 4 doesn’t outsell its peers this Christmas, then we’re going to have a serious upset on our hands. Following in the footsteps of comments made by divisive forecaster Michael Pachter, the International Data Corporation has reiterated that the PlayStation 4 may well be the system to beat this holiday. Writing as...





  • News PS4 System Architect Mark Cerny Didn't See The Console Casing Until E3

    "I was in the nosebleed seats with the rest of the audience"

    Mark Cerny is an industry veteran and the man behind the PS4's internal architecture. You might assume that this means he will have been one of the first people to see the console's sleek external casing — but you'd be wrong. Cerny has revealed that he decided against seeing the PS4...

  • News Sony's Considering Multiple PS4 Hardware Packages

    Value added

    To date, Sony’s only really announced one version of the PlayStation 4. The competitively priced $399.99 option includes the console and a DualShock 4, but the platform holder is considering deploying some bigger bundles. In an interview with MCV, SCEE president Jim Ryan added that larger packages are something that the platform...

  • News Sony Tells GameStop to Open the Floodgates on PS4 Pre-orders

    Platform holder gets aggressive

    Sony seems to have some serious confidence in its production pipeline, as it has informed GameStop to accept “unlimited pre-orders” for the PlayStation 4. In a leaked memo sent to stores across North America, the retailer revealed that the platform holder has allowed it to open the floodgates on system reserves...

  • News PlayStation Vita Mega Pack Bundles Outrageous Value

    Pick up an 8GB memory card with 10 free games

    We all know that the price of the PlayStation Vita’s memory cards is an enormous issue, but Sony is attempting to offset the problem by launching a new line of 8GB cards bundling ten downloadable titles. Due out on 21st June in Europe for €39.99, the tempting Mega Pack includes an empty storage...

  • News Sony's Sending These Awesome Custom PS3s to Its Partners

    You know you want one

    Sony’s been in a very charitable mood lately, attempting to entice developers such as Mojang with PlayStation-related goodies. But while the gold PSone that the platform holder sent to Markus ‘Notch’ Persson was nice, these custom PlayStation 3 consoles take things a step further. Adam Boyes, the head of publisher and...

  • Talking Point What Do You Think of the PS4's Hardware Design?

    Spill your thoughts on Sony's latest console

    Sony laid out the design of the PlayStation 4 like an open book at its press conference earlier this evening – a fitting metaphor, considering the console kind of resembles a hard-back tome. The hardware has an angled surface to it, and has a pronounced split across the spine. There’s a splash of...

  • News Will the New PlayStation Eye Come Bundled with the PS4?

    Big brother

    Prior to the announcement of the PlayStation 4, a number of outlets reported that the console would come bundled with an improved PlayStation Eye camera. Sony failed to clarify that point when it revealed the peripheral at its PlayStation Meeting earlier in the year, but the implication has always been that the system will be sold...



  • News PlayStation 4 Will Get You into Your Games Quicker Than Ever Before

    System architect promises faster access and swifter loading

    While we lament the addition of another seemingly needless PlayStation 3 firmware update, Mark Cerny – the mastermind behind both the PlayStation 4 and arcade classic Marble Madness – has discussed in detail the feature inside Sony’s next generation console that will get you playing...

  • News Sony Pulls Back the Curtain on the PlayStation 4's Controller

    Get a grip

    Is this a response to yesterday’s Xbox announcement? It’s probably a coincidence, but it’s interesting that Sony’s opted to release this trailer for the PlayStation 4’s controller less than 24 hours after Microsoft confirmed the date for its impending system’s announcement. If memory serves correctly, we think that this...

  • News Sony: We've Learned Pricing Lessons for PlayStation 4

    Platform holder hints that the system probably won't break the bank

    Sony has admitted that it was forced to learn hard lessons regarding the pricing of the PlayStation 3, and it will put those into practice with its impending next generation console. Chatting with EDGE magazine, Worldwide Studios vice president Michael Denny revealed that the...

  • News Colossal RAM Could Lead to Lazy PlayStation 4 Programmers

    No need to be clean and tidy

    While the confirmation that Sony’s next generation system will include 8GB GDDR5 RAM was met by rapturous applause during February’s big PlayStation 4 jolly-up, a laundry list of developers have hinted that the gigantic offering could lead to ‘lazy’ programming in a report published by

  • Rumour PS4 Developers Will Have Access to 7GB GDDR5 RAM

    Remaining memory used for the operating system

    Pull out your favourite salt shaker and prepare to toss a hefty helping all over your keyboard, because the rumourmongers are out in force today. PS4Daily is reporting that developers will have access to 7GB of the PlayStation 4’s total 8GB GDDR5 RAM for games, with the remaining 1GB being reserved...

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