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  • News PS4 System Architect Mark Cerny Didn't See The Console Casing Until E3

    "I was in the nosebleed seats with the rest of the audience"

    Mark Cerny is an industry veteran and the man behind the PS4's internal architecture. You might assume that this means he will have been one of the first people to see the console's sleek external casing — but you'd be wrong. Cerny has revealed that he decided against seeing the PS4...

  • News Sony's Considering Multiple PS4 Hardware Packages

    Value added

    To date, Sony’s only really announced one version of the PlayStation 4. The competitively priced $399.99 option includes the console and a DualShock 4, but the platform holder is considering deploying some bigger bundles. In an interview with MCV, SCEE president Jim Ryan added that larger packages are something that the platform...

  • News Sony Tells GameStop to Open the Floodgates on PS4 Pre-orders

    Platform holder gets aggressive

    Sony seems to have some serious confidence in its production pipeline, as it has informed GameStop to accept “unlimited pre-orders” for the PlayStation 4. In a leaked memo sent to stores across North America, the retailer revealed that the platform holder has allowed it to open the floodgates on system reserves...

  • News PlayStation Vita Mega Pack Bundles Outrageous Value

    Pick up an 8GB memory card with 10 free games

    We all know that the price of the PlayStation Vita’s memory cards is an enormous issue, but Sony is attempting to offset the problem by launching a new line of 8GB cards bundling ten downloadable titles. Due out on 21st June in Europe for €39.99, the tempting Mega Pack includes an empty storage...

  • News Sony's Sending These Awesome Custom PS3s to Its Partners

    You know you want one

    Sony’s been in a very charitable mood lately, attempting to entice developers such as Mojang with PlayStation-related goodies. But while the gold PSone that the platform holder sent to Markus ‘Notch’ Persson was nice, these custom PlayStation 3 consoles take things a step further. Adam Boyes, the head of publisher and...

  • Talking Point What Do You Think of the PS4's Hardware Design?

    Spill your thoughts on Sony's latest console

    Sony laid out the design of the PlayStation 4 like an open book at its press conference earlier this evening – a fitting metaphor, considering the console kind of resembles a hard-back tome. The hardware has an angled surface to it, and has a pronounced split across the spine. There’s a splash of...

  • News Will the New PlayStation Eye Come Bundled with the PS4?

    Big brother

    Prior to the announcement of the PlayStation 4, a number of outlets reported that the console would come bundled with an improved PlayStation Eye camera. Sony failed to clarify that point when it revealed the peripheral at its PlayStation Meeting earlier in the year, but the implication has always been that the system will be sold...



  • News PlayStation 4 Will Get You into Your Games Quicker Than Ever Before

    System architect promises faster access and swifter loading

    While we lament the addition of another seemingly needless PlayStation 3 firmware update, Mark Cerny – the mastermind behind both the PlayStation 4 and arcade classic Marble Madness – has discussed in detail the feature inside Sony’s next generation console that will get you playing...

  • News Sony Pulls Back the Curtain on the PlayStation 4's Controller

    Get a grip

    Is this a response to yesterday’s Xbox announcement? It’s probably a coincidence, but it’s interesting that Sony’s opted to release this trailer for the PlayStation 4’s controller less than 24 hours after Microsoft confirmed the date for its impending system’s announcement. If memory serves correctly, we think that this...

  • News Sony: We've Learned Pricing Lessons for PlayStation 4

    Platform holder hints that the system probably won't break the bank

    Sony has admitted that it was forced to learn hard lessons regarding the pricing of the PlayStation 3, and it will put those into practice with its impending next generation console. Chatting with EDGE magazine, Worldwide Studios vice president Michael Denny revealed that the...

  • News Colossal RAM Could Lead to Lazy PlayStation 4 Programmers

    No need to be clean and tidy

    While the confirmation that Sony’s next generation system will include 8GB GDDR5 RAM was met by rapturous applause during February’s big PlayStation 4 jolly-up, a laundry list of developers have hinted that the gigantic offering could lead to ‘lazy’ programming in a report published by

  • Rumour PS4 Developers Will Have Access to 7GB GDDR5 RAM

    Remaining memory used for the operating system

    Pull out your favourite salt shaker and prepare to toss a hefty helping all over your keyboard, because the rumourmongers are out in force today. PS4Daily is reporting that developers will have access to 7GB of the PlayStation 4’s total 8GB GDDR5 RAM for games, with the remaining 1GB being reserved...

  • News Guerrilla: PlayStation 4 Has No Performance Bottlenecks

    First-party studio is unsurprisingly satisfied with the system

    Killzone: Shadow Fall may be drawing its fair share of criticism for lacking innovation, but there’s no denying that the title is already shaping up to be a visual masterpiece. That’s mostly due to the brute power of the PlayStation 4, which is perfectly "balanced” according to...

  • News Sony Thought 'Long and Hard' Over PS4's Lack of Backward Compatibility

    Losing legacy support wasn't an easy decision for the platform holder

    There’s no doubt that the PlayStation 4 is exciting for all sorts of reasons, but the next generation system’s lack of backward compatibility remains one of its biggest blemishes. While the manufacturer has promised to explore other methods of legacy support through Gaikai,...

  • Talking Point How the PS4 Will Put an End to Some of the PS3's Biggest Issues

    Better, faster, stronger

    We love our good old pal the PlayStation 3, but even we can acknowledge that the console is not without fault. Its complex architecture has proved a headache for developers ever since its release almost seven years ago – and it's resulted in some less than desirable ports being published for our favourite machine. But...



  • News Killzone: Shadow Fall Will Broadcast Radio Messages Through the DualShock 4

    Static sounds

    One of the more superfluous features of the PlayStation 4’s new controller is the speaker in the middle of the device. While we’ve known about this addition ever since the handset leaked, Sony has been very vague about how it will actually be used. However, speaking during last night’s Jimmy Fallon

  • News No, PlayStation Vita's Not Getting a Price Cut in North America

    Sony's staying put for the time being

    Starting next week, you’ll be able to purchase a PlayStation Vita for a significantly reduced price in Japan. Both the bog-standard Wi-Fi and 3G iterations will be available for ¥19,980 ($213), representing a decrease of around ¥5,000 ($53) on the basic model. However, while we’d predicted a similar...

  • News PlayStation Vita Bonus Pack Bundles 32GB Memory Card

    Solving problems

    While the PlayStation Vita is about to get significantly cheaper in its native Japan, the cost of memory cards still remains a problem. However, Sony hopes to rectify that issue by introducing a new ‘Bonus Bundle’ in the region, which includes a 3G console and a 32GB memory card for just ¥24,980 ($269). That’s the same price...

  • News Kratos Will Kill a Kitten If You Ignore This God of War Bundle

    Think about it

    Wannabe deities will be able to augment their shrines with a limited edition God of War: Ascension hardware bundle this March. The package – currently only announced for British-based worshippers – includes a 500GB Classic White PlayStation 3, a copy of the game, and a limited edition DualShock 3. The controller sports the same...

  • News Latest PlayStation Vita Colour Is As Cold As Ice

    Not willing to sacrifice, though

    Sony’s trotting out another new PlayStation Vita colour in Asia next month. The chilly ‘Ice Silver’ design is set to release on 28th February in Hong Kong, with additional regions nabbing the hue in early March. “By continually releasing a vast library of exciting and attractive software titles, SCE is also...


  • News God of War Legacy Bundle Is the Ultimate Gift from the Gods

    True treasure

    If you’re looking for an easy entry into the God of War series, then look no further than Sony’s enormous Legacy Bundle. The hardware package – due out on 12th March in North America – includes a 500GB ‘Garnet Red’ PlayStation 3 Super Slim, a copy of God of War: Ascension, a copy of the God of War: Saga (which features...

  • News PlayStation 3 Super Slim Flashes Red and Blue in UK

    Just like the police (minus Sting)

    Those recently announced ‘Garnet Red’ and ‘Azurite Blue’ PlayStation 3 Super Slim consoles are set to light up UK store shelves on 15th February, platform holder Sony has announced. The systems will be available as part of a temporary run, and will come bundled with two matching DualShock 3 controllers...

  • News New PS3 Super Slim Colours Strut Their Stuff in Japan

    And maybe overseas, too

    A couple of custom PlayStation 3 Super Slim colours will hit the console catwalk in Japan next month, platform holder Sony has announced. The newly unveiled 250GB Garnet Red and Azurite Blue systems will launch on 28th February in the land of the rising sun, and will set you back ¥24,980 ($279). Interestingly, the...

  • News Classic White PS3 Coming to North America on 27th January

    Nicely iced

    To complement the dusting of snow on our windowsill right now (no, really), Sony has announced that it’s bringing the classic white PlayStation 3 Super Slim to North America later this month. As with Canada, the wintery system will arrive on 27th January, and will come with a year’s subscription to PlayStation Plus and a 500GB...

  • News Canada Paints the PlayStation 3 White on 27th January

    Cold as ice

    Clearly inspired by the winter months, Sony’s Canadian department has committed to bringing the white PlayStation 3 Super Slim overseas. Gamers in the maple syrup loving nation will be able to purchase the cool console from 27th January, according to a Best Buy listing. The system will ship with a year’s subscription to PlayStation...

  • Hardware Review Sony Pulse Wireless Headset

    Audio extravaganza

    While a great many of us are more than happy to experience game audio through a gigantic set of speakers that tickle your intestines every time a bass line drops, the reality for most players is that they can’t be keeping the neighbours up all night with their entertainment pursuits. Some kind of headphone-based alternative is...


  • News Special Metal Gear Rising PS3 Adds a Splash of Blue

    Cut and take it

    We think it’s safe to say that custom console redesigns just don’t work as well with the PlayStation 3 Super Slim. Previous hardware bundles for Yakuza 3 and Ni No Kuni have prompted stunning new styles – making this Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance tie-in look bland by comparison. The console – due out on 21st February in...

  • News Sony Celebrates Soul Sacrifice Release Date with Vita Bundle

    Worth an arm and a leg

    Soul Sacrifice is by far the PlayStation Vita’s most important exclusive in Japan. As such, it’s not especially surprising to see the platform holder lavish the title with its own hardware bundle. Announced alongside the title’s controversial release date, the special edition will include a gorgeous crimson console, a...


  • News Pick Up a 12GB PlayStation 3 Super Slim for Under £160

    Every little helps

    Those of you eagerly anticipating an opportunity to enter the third place will be delighted to learn that UK supermarket Morrisons is selling the brand new 12GB PlayStation 3 Super Slim for just £158 in-store today. Elsewhere, Toys ‘R’ Us is bundling the system alongside a copy of FIFA 13 for a competitive £179.99 in-store...

  • News This Is What a PS3 Super Slim Looks Like Without Its Clothes

    Pulled to pieces

    The folks over at iFixit have a bizarre fetish for consoles without their clothes – and thankfully they’re eager to share it with the world. This time their ever-busy fingers have uncovered the internals of the brand new PlayStation 3 Super Slim, which is packing some tasty technology inside. The website notes that the system...

  • News Sony Has "Nothing Against" a PS3 and Vita Bundle


    Sony’s not averse to bundling the PlayStation 3 with the Vita. Speaking with CVG, PlayStation UK managing director Fergal Gara explained that the company has "nothing against” the idea, and that, while there are currently no plans to produce it, the hardware compilation could feasibly hit store shelves as early as Christmas. He...

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