Days Gone PS4 PlayStation 4

Bend Studio's fast approaching PS4 exclusive Days Gone is looking fairly promising in its most recent trailers, and we certainly hope it's good. If we're to play this open world survival action game for about 30 hours, it'll need to hold our attention. Apparently, a decent chunk of play time will be taken up with cutscenes, suggesting a game that may be surprisingly story driven.

According to GameReactor, the game contains around six hours of cutscenes throughout its main campaign. This information apparently comes directly from the developers, but it has since been corroborated by Deacon St. John's voice actor, Sam Witwer, on Twitter. It'll certainly be interesting to see if the narrative and acting of Days Gone can live up to what we've seen elsewhere. Here's hoping the story will be worth experiencing.

Are you looking forward to Days Gone? Do you think six hours of cutscenes is too much, or is it about what you'd expect? Share your story in the comments below.