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There are tens of titles released on the PlayStation Store every single week, so clearly the vast majority of developers are getting through the application process just fine. One studio, however, has taken to Reddit as a last resort after its requests to release a PlayStation VR cooking title have been overlooked since December 2017.

The creators of The Cooking Game VR explained that it's sent multiple applications to the PlayStation Partner program to no avail, and that it’s now close to “giving up the idea of porting” the release to the PlayStation 4 at all. It’s another sign that the organisation’s developer friendly approach is creaking – especially in light of recent miscommunication regarding console cross-play.

Now obviously this isn’t a wide-spread issue otherwise we’d be hearing about it more often, and given the constant calls for curation on the PS Store, there may be some happy to read this news. But our view is that Sony should be responding to any developers wanting to bring their software to the PS4, and it’s fortunate that Reddit appears to be helping the team out.

Let’s hope that this is just a blip and the platform holder gets its house in order soon, because this is becoming an increasingly bad look.

Update: As mentioned in the comments, it's since emerged that the developer is based in Singapore, and is trying to communicate with PlayStation Japan. While it's still not a great look, it does explain why there appears to have been a communication breakdown of sorts. Hopefully the studio can get this sorted and begin work on a PSVR port soon.