Those eggheads over at Digital Foundry have put together an interesting analysis of Fallout 76. Based on an early preview build of the game, the publication goes over everything from general performance to engine upgrades.

Unfortunately, things are looking rough overall. The Xbox One X version of the game -- running on what is the most powerful console -- doesn't ease any fears over the title's technical performance. As we've heard numerous times now, the frame rate is especially dire, barely sticking to 30 frames per second even when there's no real action on screen.

Digital Foundry also points out that even at 4K resolution, some textures are incredibly muddy, and the general graphical quality doesn't show much improvement over Fallout 4. This is somewhat expected given that Fallout 76 is an always online game, but again, it doesn't inspire much confidence.

Bethesda has said that the preview build isn't indicative of the finished product, and let's hope that's the truth. The developer has a rocky record at best when it comes to the performance of its games -- particularly on PlayStation consoles -- so it's really going to have to step this up before the game launches next month.