Destiny 2 Forsaken Prime Engram Exploit

There's a hot exploit doing the rounds in Destiny 2: Forsaken that allows players to gain Prime Engrams at a dramatically increased rate. The weapons and armour that you acquire from said engrams is usually an improvement over whatever you have equipped, and once you're past the soft power level cap of 500, Prime Engrams are your main source of beefing up your Guardian. However, they're dished out rather sparingly, mostly as rewards for completing daily and weekly challenges.

So naturally, you may think that acquiring a lot of these engrams at a much faster pace is a desirable, but Bungie has warned players not to make use of the exploit. "Acquiring large amounts of Prime Engrams in a short timeframe reduces the frequency in which you earn Prime Engrams as you continue to play the game," the developer explains.

"Some players who have used this exploit heavily may find that Prime Engrams will not appear for the next two to three weeks."

In other words, using this exploit basically means that you're going to run out of meaningful things to do in Destiny 2 for long periods of time, as you'll have already collected all the rewards that you're owed.

"As such, this will provide a very small short-term gain for those using this exploit, but have negative long-term effects for a player’s power progression. We are investigating a fix for this exploit. In the meantime, we highly recommend that players do not use this exploit," Bungie continues. It concludes: "Players who are earning Prime Engrams while playing through the game naturally will not be impacted by this issue in any form."

Given that many Destiny players are almost always complaining about not having enough content to keep them busy, it seems a bit daft to ruin the pace of the game with this exploit. Probably not worth it, eh?