Red Dead Redemtption 2 Ducth Teaser

The infamous Dutch van der Linde is the leader of the outlaw gang that you'll be a part of in Red Dead Redemption 2, and Rockstar's using the rough-looking boss to tease its upcoming open world title.

In typical Rockstar fashion, it's just about the tiniest little teaser that you can imagine, but it's already making waves on the web. Yeah, Red Dead Redemption seems to have that effect.

Anyway, as you can see, it's a wanted poster for Dutch, complete with a scrappy sketch of the man himself. He's wanted dead or alive by the Pinkerton Detective Agency. Turns out, he stole $150,000 worth of bank notes from a boat in Blackwater -- the big town from the original Red Dead Redemption.

It could be that Rockstar's leading up to a new gameplay trailer -- maybe one featuring Dutch and his boys? We'll be sure to keep our, er, dead eye on it.

Update: Well would you look at that, Rockstar's posted another little picture on its Twitter account.

Something's got to be coming, right?