Shadow of the Colossus PS4 Boss Guide 1

Shadow of the Colossus’ bosses are the beating heart of the game, and in this boss guide we’re not only going to help you to find all 16 Colossi, but we’re also going to share some strategies on how you can kill them, too. Whether you’re looking for tips, tricks, or tactics, read on for help leading Wander to victory as he mounts a siege on the Forbidden Lands.

Colossus 1

Colossus 1 in Shadow of the Colossus is also known as Valus or Minotaurus Colossus. He’s more of a tutorial boss fight as the game teaches you to get to grips with the game’s unique combat mechanics, but beating him will unlock the Valley of the Wanderer Trophy.

Where to find Colossus 1 Shadow of the Colossus Guide

Where to find Colossus 1

If you’re not familiar with how Shadow of the Colossus works yet, then raising your sword overhead when out on the open field will point a beam in the direction of the next boss. You simply need to follow this beam to find your prey.

In the case of Colossus 1, head south from the bottom of the temple’s steps. You’ll eventually come to a small platforming area which teaches you the basics of navigation in Shadow of the Colossus. Once you’ve successfully clambered across the small cliff-face area, you’ll emerge in an open field where Valus will strut past you.

How to kill Colossus 1 Shadow of the Colossus Guide

How to kill Colossus 1

Just as you used your sword to direct you to Colossus 1, you can also shine light on all of Shadow of the Colossus’ bosses to see their weak points. Doing so on Valus will reveal a small patch on the back of his left leg. Run up towards it and grab onto the fur, then stab the illuminating panel with your sword by holding the square button to raise your hand and then pressing it again to thrust forwards.

Valus will stumble, allowing you to clamber up his leg and onto the platform above his booty. Rest here if you need to recover your stamina before climbing up Colossus 1’s back and running across his shoulders onto his head. He’ll thrash around so make sure you keep holding on (you can retreat to his shoulder area if you need to recover your stamina). Keep stabbing the panel on his head until Valus collapses.

Colossus 2

Colossus 2 in Shadow of the Colossus is also known as Quadratus or Taurus Magnus. In terms of scale he ups the ante on Colossus 1, but he’s still relatively simple to dispatch once you learn how to deal with him. Killing him will unlock the The Mammoth Trophy.

Where to find Colossus 2 Shadow of the Colossus Guide

Where to find Colossus 2

This time you’re going to want to go north. Head down the temple’s steps and hop aboard Agro, then ride directly behind the big building. You’re going to come to a canyon with a bridge facing due north, so ride across it until you see a cut-scene. Follow the path that leads down into the canyon and then turn right at the bottom and trace the inside wall. Beneath the bridge is a cracked piece of wall and when you approach it Colossus 2 will smash through it.

How to kill Colossus 2 Shadow of the Colossus Guide

How to kill Colossus 2

While this beast looks big, he’s easily beatable. Colossus 2 will try to stomp you with your front feet if you stand in front of it, and that’s basically what you’re going to want to do. Switch to your bow and wait for him to lift those giant hooves off the ground, then stick an arrow right in the bottom of his foot. He’ll fall to his knees, allowing you to climb on.

Once you’re up, run across Quadratus’ spine and grab onto his head. Again, remember to cling on when he thrashes around so that you don’t get tossed off. Stab the weak point on his head until it disappears, then run back down his spine to the rear area. There’s another panel just by his booty, so stick your sword in it until the boss fight is over.

Where to find Colossus 3 Shadow of the Colossus Guide

Colossus 3

Colossus 3 in Shadow of the Colossus is also known as Gaias or Terrestris Veritas. He’s arguably one of the most iconic bosses in the game due to his sheer scale. Beating him will unlock the Wake the Knight Trophy.

Where to find Colossus 3

Just like with Colossus 2, you’ll want to take the bridge heading north that’s behind the temple to find Colossus 3. Instead of heading down the path into the canyon, though, keep going across the bridge so that you come out in the desert area.

Gaias is slightly trickier to find because the beam of light can be deceiving. Essentially, once you’ve come off the bridge you’re going to want to head north-west towards an outcropping of mountains, but don’t go too western as you’ll end up in the wrong area. There’s a path between the mountains that takes you to a lake, so jump into the water and swim towards the arching path that leads upwards. Navigate your way to the large oval platform, and run towards its centre to awaken Colossus 3.

How to kill Colossus 3 Shadow of the Colossus Guide

How to kill Colossus 3

This is a bloody big boss fight, so make sure you use L2 to keep Colossus 3 in your camera’s focus. To start this battle, get Gaias’ attention and run towards the edge of the platform. Make him follow you by using arrows if he’s stubborn. He’ll either stomp you if you’re too close or swing his big sword if you’re a bit further away.

Once he’s on the outside of the platform, run back to the centre and stand on the small platform in the middle. Attract his attention again and wait for him to swing his sword. Jump off the platform out of the way and wait for the sword to rebound off the platform. This triggers a cut-scene showing Colossus 3’s armour being damaged. You now have a route onto his head.

Get him to swing his sword one more time (this time in the grass) and dodge the attack. Now climb onto the sword while it’s stuck in the dirt and hold R2 to grab on in case he shakes you off. Once he’s steady, hold onto Gaias’ fur and climb onto his head. Stab him until the weak point disappears.

With that done, drop down his back and onto the platform surrounding his mid-riff area. Be sure to pause for a few seconds to recover your stamina if needs be. Then run around his belt to his stomach, climb up the fur, and stab the weak point until he dies.

Colossus 4

Colossus 4 in Shadow of the Colossus is also known as Phaedra or Equus Bellator Apex. This is one of the few forgettable boss fights in the game, but it’s still an interesting bout because it forces you to use your wits and the environment in order to overcome the foe. Killing him unlocks the Land of the Gravestones Trophy.

Where to find Colossus 4 Shadow of the Colossus Guide

Where to find Colossus 4

To find Colossus 4, you want to head south-east out of the temple. Try not to go too south, you’re mostly going left from the bottom of the temple’s staircase; follow the beam of light out of your sword for the exact direction. You’ll ride into a dark mountain pass which is rather linear and easy to follow. Exit out into the valley and then follow the area around until you come face-to-face with the Colossus waiting at the end.

How to kill Colossus 4 Shadow of the Colossus Guide

How to kill Colossus 4

Colossus 4 is not a difficult fight, but it can be a frustrating one. It essentially relies on you getting the AI to do what you want it to do, so those of you who shook your fists at The Last Guardian may get irritated by this one.

Basically, what you need to do is lure Phaedra to the trench area in the middle of the valley. Use arrows to get its attention. What you want it to do is follow you on top of one of the four trench entrances. When it comes over to stomp you, climb inside the trench and wait near the doorway. He’ll start stomping trying to get you out, and this is your opportunity to run into the trenches, take an alternative exit, and climb out.

When you come out, Colossus 4 will still think you’re inside, allowing you to jump onto its back. Stab it on the neck to get it to lower its head, then climb onto its bonce. Keep stabbing the weak point until the sucker slumps.

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