Fans have been desperate for localisations of Nobunaga's Ambition titles for years now, and those prayers have finally been answered. The series, which sees you strategically conquer feudal Japan, has been a mainstay in its homeland for decades, first appearing back in 1983.

Here in the West, we'll be getting Nobunaga's Ambition: Sphere of Influence this Autumn, or Fall, if you're American, on the 4th and 1st September, respectively. According to the reveal on Koei's Facebook page, Sphere of Influence is "hailed as one of the best instalments in the franchise's history", which sounds good to us. You can either unite the land as a historical figure, or you can create your own custom hero. You'll build your lands, clash with your enemies, and make alliances. It's essentially a rather detailed strategy title, of which there aren't many currently available on PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 3.

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