Even we thought it was strange when the PlayStation 4 launched without a native YouTube application – but we suppose that this is the same company that just deployed PlayStation TV without Netflix. Fortunately, the format holder has realised the error of its ways, and dropped Google’s video streaming service onto its system. So, how do you get the app?

1. Find the TV & Video category

You’ll find the YouTube application in the ‘TV & Video’ section on the PS4’s main menu. Depending on how you’ve got the console set up, this will be a folder on the latest apps ribbon, or you’ll find it in the ‘Library’ section of the system.

2. Select the YouTube icon

Along with dozens of other apps, you should find the YouTube icon in the ‘TV & Video’ section. Clicking on it will take you to a PlayStation Store page if the app’s available in your region, which will then download the required software. To load up the app, simply select it from the ‘TV & Video’ area. You can also delete it by pushing the Options button while hovering over it and selecting the corresponding command.