PlayStation TV

Sony may want to check that it’s not breaking any advertising standards here, as the PlayStation TV seems like a pretty poor video streaming system. Back at E3 2014 earlier in the year, a laborious Shawn Layden monologue mentioned that the diminutive device would host plenty of “video and music streaming services”. As it turns out, it hardly has any.

Those picking up the unit in North America today are just learning that the only options for content consumption are Crunchyroll, Crackle, and the Japanese giant’s own Video Unlimited. Meanwhile, the likes of Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and Hulu are all missing in action. There's not even a YouTube app, though videos can be watched using the device's web browser.

Fortunately, the slim system still has access to plenty of gaming content, spanning some 700 titles across various formats. The platform holder also unlocked PlayStation Now access in North America today, increasing the platform’s portfolio with rentable PlayStation 3 releases. All the same, we’re not sure how a product with ‘TV’ in the title ships without Netflix.

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