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Weirdness: PSone Classic MediEvil Rises from the Dead in a Skyrim Mod

Posted by Joey Thurmond

En garde, Fortesque!

For some reason, Daniel Fortesque from the 1998 PSone classic MediEvil seems to pop up every now and then in surprising ways. He made his way onto the PlayStation Portable in 2005 with a remake of the first game called MediEvil: Resurrection, and even joined the roster of fighters with a sword and shield in hand for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. We remember having loads of fun with this comedic horror title back in the day, so we'd love to see a modern interpretation of this unique property for the PlayStation 4. In the meantime, someone has decided to take matters into their own hands.

A PC modder – named KorinOo – has crafted a faithful recreation of the first four levels of the original game in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, going as far as to get the main character's 3D model and weapons right with the photorealistic visuals here. To appreciate the amount of work put into this impressive project, take a gander at the embedded video. And don't forget to resurrect the comments section and tell us what you think about MediEvil down below.


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Munkyknuts said:

Impressive stuff. I'm sure a new version of MediEvil with it's cartoony gothic visuals would look lovely on the PS4...I'd rather see resurrected versions of long gone games like this than revamped next gen games that I only played a year ago on the PS3.



skywalker0794 said:

they could easily make new MediEvil or at least as most people will say, remastered version or remake of the first one at least.. It's been too long now and people are waiting for new MediEvil, I'm sure of it!



odd69 said:

i wish they would remake medievil, it would be my personal dream come true

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