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Plenty of PS4 Discounts Coming to Europe Next Week

Posted by Sammy Barker

More than 25 titles getting reduced

In truth, the first round of the European PlayStation Store’s highly publicised Summer Sale is somewhat disappointing. Yes, there are a few deals worthy of note, but the whole promotion is bloated with games that have been discounted dozens of times before. Don’t lose hope just yet, though, as a bunch of PlayStation 4 titles are set to get their price tags slashed next week.

According to Sony employee Jawad Ashraf on the PlayStation Blog, over 25 next-gen titles will be reduced on Wednesday. At the moment you can pick up the likes of Battlefield 4 and Need for Speed: Rivals at just over half price, but we’re hoping for some meatier reductions next time. Writing in the comments, the abovementioned spokesperson hinted that The LEGO Movie Videogame and Outlast may be two of those titles discounted.

Which game would you most like to see get its price sticker slashed? Count your pennies in the comments section below.


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Sadodi said:

Really hoping that there will be discounts on Trials Fusion, Transistor, Entwined and a couple of others. I just don't want Sony to give like 10 or 20% discounts on these games, it wouldn't be worth it buying them then IMO.



get2sammyb said:

i actually really want The LEGO Movie Videogame. I've no idea why, but would pay a discounted price for that. £17.99?



Munkyknuts said:

I think Entwined could do with being reduced as I paid it's full price and I really don't think it's worth it...and I'm a huge indie game fan. What there is to the game is fine but get into the right rhythm and the game can be over in a flash. It would be nice to have some real meaty reductions on desirable next gen titles.



Sadodi said:

Sounds like a reasonable price to me. I've actually started to take a liking for the Lego games now after playing through Batman 2 on the Vita from PS+ and trying out the demos for the games on PS4. But it seems Movie Videogame isn't as open-world as Marvel Superheroes, which is a shame. :/



Dodoo said:

I'd like the Watch Dogs season pass on PS4 discounted please Sony. Not sure why the PS3 one was already and PS4 missed out?



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

There isn't really anything I'm dying to play, wolfenstein, sniper elite, tomb raider and rayman are all on my radar for sales, I'll be picking up worms at some point regardless of sales.



Scollurio said:

Sony should make a special promotion, for three days ONLY each NEW PSN account (created within 7 days before the promotion end) can download 2 games of their choice (no matter what) for FREE.

Ha, that surely would make plenty more pople convert, more than already did!



Midzark said:

This is disappointing, just brought Abs so that better not be going down lol, Battlefield 4 maybe one is pick up if it went to better than half price lol



Shaolin said:

To be honest, that's the great thing about these sales because if you don't see something you like now then odds-on you'll see something that tickles your fancy later.

With the summer hols just started I can't say I blame PlayStation for holding back on the big discounts for the moment because they know that many parents will be buying extra games for the kids whether there are good discounts or not. It'll be hard to be patient and wait for tasty discounts but I'll be trying.



Dohv said:

SCEA is ran by idiots. Since I joined this sight I realized how bad SCEA is compared to SCEE.

Don't be so aggressive, thanks - get2sammyb



rastamadeus said:

Hopefully by sale they actually mean at decent prices, not prices that are still double in shops. Lego Movie should be no more than a tenner, for example. It's a sale, not a 'couple of quid off event.'

@Dohv Amusing. SCEE are so bad it's laughable. They don't give a damn about customers, repeatedly lie and ignore complaints. God knows what SCEA must be like.

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