Silent Hills PS4

The whole Rise of the Tomb Raider mess appears to have caused some confusion in the console exclusives space, so let us teach you a very valuable lesson: if Sony doesn’t scream ‘Only on PlayStation’ after revealing a project, then it’s going to end up elsewhere. Firms may use doublespeak to confuse their message – we saw evidence of that last week – but even then it’s quite easy to see through the mumbo jumbo.

As such, we were surprised to see people assuming that Silent Hills would be exclusive to the PlayStation 4, just because its P.T. taster was made available on the PlayStation Network. Seeing as this is a third-party project funded by Konami and developed by Kojima Productions – a developer which has just announced a PC version of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – we reckon that the chances of that are low.

In fact, a Gamescom-themed newsletter sent out by Sony to Italian fans slapped ‘PlayStation Exclusive’ labels on titles like The Order: 1886 and Until Dawn, but notably not on Silent Hills, which all but confirms that it will be multiformat. Given the reaction to the demo, though, we could definitely see Sony stepping in to secure exclusive content and co-marketing rights much in the same way as it has with Destiny. In fact, that seems extremely likely.