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EA Eagerly Anticipating PS4 and Xbox One's Christmas Clash

Posted by Sammy Barker

"We sit in the sweet spot"

In truth, the console wars can be kind of exhausting. If you spend much time on multiformat sites or message boards, you’ll probably find yourself wading through a lot of bickering before you get to the content that you’re actually looking for. However, this back-and-forth actually excites third-party publisher EA Games – presumably because it stands to profit from the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 going head-to-head.

“I think that it’s going to be a great fight in the holiday,” ex-Microsoft chief Peter Moore beamed in an interview with Games Industry International. “And as a third-party publisher, we sit right in the sweet spot. Consumers love it as well, and it’s good for the industry.” While his wording is a teensy bit melodramatic, he’s certainly not wrong – after all, competition drives growth, investment, and better products.

Despite this, the publisher plans to continue supporting the PlayStation 3 for at least another two to three years, which spells bad news for those eagerly anticipating next-gen focused releases from the firm. “The hope is that we get a decent tail of two or three years, and we’ll continue to make games for those platforms as long as fans buy them,” he concluded. “What PlayStation did with the PlayStation 2 was a wonderful tail.”

Seeing as the company’s only just stopped making PS2 titles, we suspect that a lot of its ongoing support will be reserved for sports games such as FIFA and Madden. Do you think that Sony’s previous console has plenty of life left in it? Who do you think is going to win the next-gen conflict this Christmas? Put on your analyst hat in the comments section below.


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Punished_Boss_84 said:

Ah that special time of the year!

All platforms should do well at Christmas. Besides PS Vita (outside of Japan



Carl-G said:

Yeah yeah EA loves all consoles, what a load of poo Peter Moore will always have Microsoft's Xbox blood in his body(just look at FIFA games this gen, again PS owners won't get FUT Legends this year) :-/



Dodoo said:

I wonder if Sony will drop the price of PS4 in time for Xmas to really give MS a run for its money?!



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

@Dodoo I doubt it, with destiny glacier white ps4 out in September I imagine they might take the opportunity christmas to announce a similar batman bundle... ?



BoltedArc said:

I don't get this gen, if they are still supporting the 360ps3 then its better to wait till they stop supporting those to buy a ps4 honestly I feel like I could have waited to get one especially because sony could lower the price on the ps4, all that aside the ps4 and xbone don't really add too much to the table, some exclusives here and there but nothing that stands out!



sinalefa said:


That is exactly what I am doing. Waiting for both new systems to get games, to decide which one I prefer. And maybe a price drop or a slim model, depending on how long I wait.

Even if the launch numbers were impressive, maybe customers are not upgrading as much as they would have liked, hence they are not able to leave PS360 owners behind, as we are a huge userbase. Still I don't care about any of EA's IPs.



JaxonH said:

Exactly. Gamers are suckers in that regard. Console wars eat away at the gaming community from the inside out, while corportate behemoths like EA sit back and profit from it. Fanboy loyalists of all stripes should be ashamed.

And companies like EA? Oh, they love to see us go at it. It stirs up emotions and brand loyalty. It gets people emotionally invested in the sales performance of their preferred console. Then, you end up with a bunch of gamers who care more about how much a game SELLS on their platform, than how fun it is to actually play. And all of this bleeds through into the market place.



ToddlerNaruto said:

@Dodoo How much are you hoping the PS4's price will drop down to this Christmas?

While I'd love to see it drop as low as $300 New, we'll be lucky if it's just temporarily on sale for $350 New.

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