We know that Sony supposedly loves developers, but is that affection reciprocated? It turns out that it is, as a slew of studios have voted the PlayStation 4 as the best console currently on the market – beating the Xbox One, Wii U, 3DS, and even the firm’s own PlayStation Vita. The system finished fifth in industry publication Develop’s Top 100 Tech List, two spots ahead of Microsoft’s machine.

Approximately 45 industry professionals contributed to the countdown, with chief technology officers from various high-profile studios, indie developers, and more invited to vote. The group named microcomputer Raspberry Pi the best piece of technology currently available, while Epic’s next-gen game production suite Unreal Engine 4 finished second in the rundown.

It’s not surprising to see Sony’s latest console brush aside the competition – especially considering the strides that it's made regarding the system's simplistic architecture. The platform holder will be pleased to see the machine being so well received by developers, however, after it alienated so many outfits with the PlayStation 3's awkward CELL processor.

[via develop-online.net]