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Developers Declare That PlayStation 4 Is the Best Console Right Now

Posted by Sammy Barker

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We know that Sony supposedly loves developers, but is that affection reciprocated? It turns out that it is, as a slew of studios have voted the PlayStation 4 as the best console currently on the market – beating the Xbox One, Wii U, 3DS, and even the firm’s own PlayStation Vita. The system finished fifth in industry publication Develop’s Top 100 Tech List, two spots ahead of Microsoft’s machine.

Approximately 45 industry professionals contributed to the countdown, with chief technology officers from various high-profile studios, indie developers, and more invited to vote. The group named microcomputer Raspberry Pi the best piece of technology currently available, while Epic’s next-gen game production suite Unreal Engine 4 finished second in the rundown.

It’s not surprising to see Sony’s latest console brush aside the competition – especially considering the strides that it's made regarding the system's simplistic architecture. The platform holder will be pleased to see the machine being so well received by developers, however, after it alienated so many outfits with the PlayStation 3's awkward CELL processor.


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RawWilson1 said:

Now I understand why there were more indies on Xbox last-gen than on Playstation, "... the awkward CELL processor," in the PS3.



rjejr said:

Well this seems like a "duh" to me, especially from a developers perspective, 8GB of GDDR5 vs DDR3 in X1. Isn't RAM pretty much the only thing developers care about? And about 50% more GPU power too.



Demi_God said:

There was an older article stating microsoft paying money to put their console in the top numbers of whatever tech there is. again another waste of money from Microsoft, but really, is it surprising?



JaxonH said:

RAM is important, as is processor capability, (whether it be CPU/GPU/APU), but there are still many other factors involved that can affect system performance and ease of development. Pretty much every component of the architecture will come into play, some more than others of course, but yes, RAM is one of the more vital components.



Demi_God said:

@BL_Donth Exactly, it really shouldn't have made it in the top 10. It's quite fishy, the tech isn't that great at all in that machine, but I'm not really surprised knowning how Microsoft kind of buys their way into some things.

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