Godzilla is enjoying something of a resurgence of late, thanks largely to the recent Hollywood reboot of the famous Japanese movies. While there wasn't a big home console game to tie-in with the American film, Namco Bandai is doing its best to fill that particular void by releasing a Godzilla title for the PlayStation 3 — and the first gameplay footage can be viewed below.

The video and screens released so far show the "classic" Godzilla design rather than the one seen in the recent Gareth Edwards movie, but you will be able to play as multiple iterations of the legendary beast, including the one from the new Hollywood film.

There's arguably never been a really good Godzilla game — which is a bit of a crime when you stop and think about it — so we're hoping that Namco Bandai can do the concept justice. Of course, even if the game does turn out to be a corker, there's no guarantee that it will be published outside of Japan, where it is due to launch this Winter.

Would you be willing to invest in a decent monster-destroys-city simulation, should this PS3 outing turn out to be a quality product? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

[via eurogamer.net]