Sony’s not quite ready to properly show From Software’s next-gen debut Bloodborne to the public yet, but it has provided the press with a behind-the-scenes taste at E3 2014. Fortunately, as part of a PlayStation Blog livestream earlier today, the platform holder offered the sneakiest of peeks at what the PlayStation 4 exclusive currently looks like.

With the title not due out until sometime next year, the developer clearly hasn’t tuned the artificial intelligence just yet, but the off-screen footage definitely conveys the release’s disturbingly dark vibes. In it, the protagonist is shown sprinting around the gothic town of Yharnam, taking a cleaver to its diseased inhabitants.

Apparently, the abandoned city was once believed to hold an ancient remedy, which caused countless denizens to travel to the town in order to cure their afflictions. However, the Victorian-esque location is actually riddled with a repulsive illness, which has sent many of these weary wanderers insane. You’ll be tasked, no doubt, with mowing them down.

The visuals are definitely impressive even at this early stage, with the protagonist’s animated clothing being a particular highlight. The traditional Demon’s Souls gameplay hook also appears to be in place, as the hero sucks up spirits from the enemies that he defeats. Naturally, this isn’t the most revealing video in the world, but we’re sure to see more in due time.