Gone are the medieval days of Dark Souls

From Software is known the world over for its cult classic PS3 exclusive Demon's Souls, which paved the way for its spiritual successors in the Dark Souls series. These action RPGs are famously – and perhaps infamously – known for their richly detailed stories, insane difficulty, and visually eerie atmosphere. While rumours and leaked screenshots aplenty have indicated that the developer's latest project will retain its predecessors' general look and gameplay, we nevertheless screamed in delight as the game emerged from its mysterious Fog Gate as Bloodborne.

While there is unfortunately no gameplay to speak of, there's a load of haunting yet impressive sights to make out in this game's cinematic trailer. We're greeted to a descending view of a gloomy city under nightfall, replete with gorgeous Gothic architecture around every corner. However, this solemn beauty is hampered down by the abandoned streets below, which are riddled with detritus and the undead corpses of humans and animals. The supposed protagonist is then shown wielding a shotgun and a strange axe-like weapon, which he uses to hack down his enemies in grotesque fashion.

View the trailer below to see and speculate more of what Bloodborne will be bringing to the PlayStation 4. What other secrets does the trailer hold for us, and what do you think of the official unveiling of From Software's latest property? Let us know by kindling the bonfire in the comments section.

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